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  • xodianthedope xodianthedope Oct 8, 2009 11:09 AM Flag

    Xodian51 (your iq?)

    "I'm xodian51 and proud of my intersting IQ"///////////Listen Mr. intersting IQ, if your sole purpose isn't to bash my company into bk with thousands of daily attacks, then you won't have a screen name made up just for you!!! I only mock the smart one's? LOL Oh my god! And you, you are by far the most moronic, flip flopping nut case we have here. I could go back and find post were you are against YRC, then all for YRC, then against YRC. You befriend the people that come here to harm YOUR company! YOU got your own screen name from me because, as anyone who visits this board knows, ARE A DOPE

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    • yrc_queen Jan 18, 2013 7:19 PM Flag


    • "thousands of daily attacks"
      pick a day when I hit 1,000
      can you read the zeros THOUSAND = X,000
      I'm at a little over 2,000 thats
      Two Thousand (a little comprenhension help here)
      But my first post is over TWO (2) Years old.
      What woke you up the 15% wage cut the bid cancelations the stock price, Pension, layoffs,
      You pretty stupid to pump YRC You want to Pump?
      I'll tell you exactly how to do it buy every share that for sale Friday at 3:30 and keep buying at $22.00 keep bidding it up to $37.00 by 4:30.
      Theres your pump and you will not have any trouble getting buyers at those offers.
      Then you would have saved YRCW.
      Stock price does not pay debt dummy!

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      • The stock price saved this company twice by Diluting it and Reversing it twice.
        If the company owns a lot of their own stock and PPS rises they can raise money by selling off shares.
        Also if there is growth a company can issue new shares then sell them for income usually for cap ex or maybe dividends.
        So you are wrong fundamentally but noting the historical condition of this company today , 4 years later you proved to be right.
        A little skewed but obviously ahead of your time.
        So why are you a truck driver.

    • "are a dope" you better take a look at that last pathetic post or the one I'm presently replying to
      Glad you asked the IQ is 129
      knew you bite
      because you bite
      i work for YRC am a road driver and I don't bash YRC I like TA66 Bash the HEADof YRC the guy who borrows money and doesn't pay it back when you pump and buy this stock you support Zollars.
      Your probably buying your wifes lover beers on Friday night and don't know it.

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