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  • yoursoreisopen yoursoreisopen Jan 4, 2010 1:54 PM Flag

    Too much use of the Scab word

    Not just everyone that is non union is a scab. No, a scab has to have that true, scab mentality. The true scab will tell you that he DOESN'T want to bein a union. Seems this could hurt the companies profit margin. He's proud of working for much less, as this is good for jobs in our country. The less you make, the happier your company is. And a happy company will stay in business longer than one forced to share profits with it's workers. A good scab will tell you that he doesn't want a pension. Give him a 401k ( no company match, that would make boss sad),some fuzzy dice and a book on investing in todays stock market, and the true scab is content. The true scab will critizize unions for driving up wages, even their own. How can the boss man compete with Taiwan when he has to pay a decent wage? So don't throw that scab word around so freely.....takes a special breed to be a scab!

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    • Shorts are scabs.

      They feed off the misery of others. They thrill at stocks tanking. They think they are smarter than the marketplace, that is why they 'sell' something that they don't own. Think about that one for a moment, because there is no word in German for such a worthless ridiculous position.

      YRCW shorts are scabs, all 22,000,000 of them.

      Payback is coming, it's called squeeze the short scab sewer rats!

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