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  • ssbbkk52 ssbbkk52 Jan 5, 2010 1:01 AM Flag

    This company is has a long way to go before it's worth a $2.00 price.

    This company has a long way to go.
    Regardless of blame; weather, it be Zollars , or the economy, or both, it does not matter.
    YRCW has a deep hole to dig its way out of.
    I doubt that this stock tops $1.00 for a while. They need to demonstrate that YRCW has potential. So far, all they have done is B.S. their way out of a BK...
    This company is FAR FAR FAR from being out of the woods. Without a strong regrowth of its customer base this company will be doomed!
    To see this stock hit $.72 today was no big supprise; and, to see further drops this week, maybe even into the $.40 to $.45 range, I don't think would be out of line.
    Folks, YRCW is still in a lot of trouble.
    Also, I'm just following this stock. I have no investment.
    Lastly, good luck to YRCW, and its many employees. Hopefully 2010 will turn last year into just a bad memory.

    PS Does anyone remember what happened to SIRIUS XM (SIRI)? Their their 10 year high was into the $60's. Last year it got down to $.05! Currently its at about $.65.

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    • Sirius paid too much money out to people like Howard Stern (500 Million) and never had enough subscribers. The merger with XM Radio who also paid out too much for programming may one day pay off but for now it just ain't worth much. But, on the upside, XM and Sirius are becoming more popular.

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