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  • visionaire999 visionaire999 Mar 9, 2010 8:13 AM Flag

    Next Shoe to Drop = NONE.

    If you were to invest in YRCW, you would have to ask yourself, "what is the next shoe to drop?"

    In reality, there are no more shoes to be seen in the near term.

    1. Debt has been taken care of
    2. Unions have been taken care of
    3. The company is seeing an uptick in business
    4. Credit agencies have raised their ratings
    5. Bankruptcy no longer on the table

    As far as I am concerned, the path of least resistance is UP.

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    • You are correct there is no impending debt coming due anytime soon, and with new business and old business coming back daily we are going higher. I would hold this for at least a couple of years unless you are a day trader then you guys do what you guys do lol.. Thanks for the liquidity.

    • Correctt and the pps is in the .40 range. get a clue.

    • Well, I got out just before the close Mon.
      @.49 I'm happy with that. i hope your right and it goes up for everyone still in...I will come back and take a look after the split.

      Good luck !!

    • Sounds like you live in a fantasy world.

      The other potential shoes to drop are as follows:

      1) Massive cash burn in Q1 causes new concerns about their financial viability

      2) Customers continue to defect albeit at a slower rate but all other carriers are seeing increasing tonnage further eroding YRCW's financial viability

      3) Self Insurance Agreements need to be re-written in the coming months....hmmm insurance companies killed CF.

      4) An announcement could come as early as next month that YRCW has started to tap into their 160 million revolver just so they can operate. Yikes....that money is their last line of defense.

      When the results are bad, and they are, there is a lot that can go wrong.

      Then you say the debt has been "taken care of". Really???? They still owe well over 1 billion dollars. That's a lot of debt where I come from.

      Unions have been taken care of?? Really?? Did you know that in 2011 they have to start to pay back the pensions funds again? That's 40 million per month.

      The company is seeing an uptick in business??? Really??? Not from what I'm seeing they aren't. Business for YRC National stinks.

      You have a lot to learn about this industry and this company.

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