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  • therockut therockut Mar 11, 2010 12:27 PM Flag

    Simple Question For The Board...

    Do they take this up to 1 buck pre split?

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    • TooBad,

      While it's true that bondholders now own the company, isn't it also true that the banks hold title to most of the company assets?

      It's got to be an interesting balancing act for Tim Wicks as he maneouvers between the demands of the banks and the bondholders. He has a lame duck BOD, so it must feel like he's all alone in that minefield.

    • Potential dilution (I don't think it will be accounted in any calculations right now)

      Also, I don't agree that it is a done deal. It a temp measure to keep the unions off their back. If things go south share holders, unions and everybody else in the mix get screwed by the bond holders/banks.

      Banks will think liquidation and bondies will try to cash out.

    • No.

      Lets look at the possibility of $1.00 before the spilt. On this past Tuesday, Zollars stated ". We plan our reverse stock split sometime in the next 60 days" - I suspect as soon as that moratorium from the new $70 mm CVT falls away. The problems is that Q1 will still be a cash burning Q and it looks to me like they want to get this done ASAP and not wait for Q2 in which Management has repeatedly stated will be EBITDA positive - An event which could push up the price - significantly. Absent this event, I dont see enough opportunity to push the stock to $1.00 before the split. That's it.

      Also from a fundamental POV, there will be about 1.6 bn shares after Q1. If you take the time & really read the pending 10K, & look at the comps - you will see that a $1.6 bn market cap for YRCW is absurd.

    • Some good news (Improvement in numbers, upgrades, big contracts) It is possible...

      Lot of resistance levels to overcome to get to a buck!

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