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  • markwilson333 Jul 11, 2010 10:45 AM Flag

    Unions are going to be a thing of the past.

    All companys not just YRC are going to realise that the pensions are killing the newer workers and will all be forced to severly reduce/eliminate the pensions. The only winners in all this are the top union members that get money directly from the employees and write their own ticket and are not on the same plan as the employees.
    Just like our congress that have their own retirement package not social security but vote on our SS plan. If they vote on it they should be on the same plan otherwise why should they care afterall it dosn't apply to them.

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    • Unions are a Has Been, the only people that make money off this is Hoffa and the rest of the upper union pigs , what is the diff. between Hoffa & Zollars ?? Nothing both trying to fill there pockets first !!

    • Just got too love that race to bottom thinking...lets reduced the standard of living to the same level as China...a rice ball for dinner and 37 people living in a 500 square foot shack...yep thats the ticket too a better way of life...for a few...not pro union just want to maintain our way of life

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      • I was a manager of warehouse for a couple years. My first day on the job, the union rep came in and congratulated me on my promotion. He then proceeded to tell me that if I tried to change anything in the warehouse, he would ruin my career. This is what you don't hear about unions. Gotta love 'em. They sound great on TV, but real life is a whole different story.
        The young guys would approach me asking for a salary job because they had been told by the union to not work so hard and they could sense it was a dead end for them...gotta love em....I had guys coming in with alcohol on their breathe in the morning. They'd been partying at the casino, hadn't showered, shaved or brushed...but hey, this is going to salvage the American way of life...gotta love 'em.

      • Just get an education and better yourself

        Your union Boss's are better educated, they must be many collect multiple pensions while yours is cut.

    • couldnt of said it any better but you forgot 2 tier wage scale for new hires

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      • markwilson333 Jul 11, 2010 12:31 PM Flag

        Let me clarify i am for unions just like our forefathers wanted equality unfortunately greed of the upper few are able to control what we see and hear... misdirection thats how houdini made a elephant disappear on stage in front of hundreds of people.
        What the eyes see and the ears hear is the illusion of the truth even if it isn't the truth.
        I would love to run for congress on the platform that all have to have the same benefits that they are voting for.
        also the canidate couldnt of made more than twice the median income for their state. this would get the common mans perspective of what 90% of america is about!! this would cause a shift for the middle income to be true middle income not a false truth.

      • how does a 2 tier wage scale work?
        yes wages have to be reduced down to minimum wage + a bonus on profits,,pensions reduced due to company loss, this is life...
        strong buy

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