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  • notthatflop notthatflop Jul 28, 2010 1:12 PM Flag

    question for Curious

    I know this is not the board. Just curious (no pun) if you have any thoughts on NBG and VISN? No worries if you don't.

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    • It continues to be a pleasure to converse (not a bad running shoe either) with You. My sincerest sympathies on the "work". I look forward to ANY reccomendation You can provide regarding a good read. Until next time....

    • OK, you got me. Not sure about that one. Gotta run - work to do (not Greek you know)

    • German, huh? Sorry about being 0-2 in the Wars. On the plus side? One win is all it takes to put things as they should be? (Wow. I can say the WORST things?) Yup, read Sophia. I went through this whole Philosophical phase; read Kant, Descarte, Kirkegaard, etc. I still quote the Illiad; Odysseus only wished for a quiet life. Which is all I want. And to retire before the age of 52. I wonder if I'm part Greek? (I'm Ukrainian-which explains A LOT) You seem to know your way around the Literature section of the Library; might there be something else You could reccomend for Me? I'll give You a tip: Never pat a burning dog!

    • you are killing me. I'm German, we already tried that once, didn't work out so well. They need waaay too many beatings to get them to perform. While on the topic of Greeks, have you read Sofia's World, it walks through philosophical thoughts from Socrates/Plato to modern day philosophers, but all wrapped up in a work of fiction. I would highly recommend.

    • Uh....I...uh....heh...I was hoping to be retired be retired before I'm that wrong? Anyway, Dumas! Well, as You've noticed, I have a penchance for Litetrature. Voracious reader as a child. Friends going to Greece? Perhaps You could join them with Your earnings (after Tuesday) from YRCW? Better yet, BUY Greece? Must be a fire sale over there.... Grease. Fire. It's punny if You squint a little.

    • Humm....I think that boy had a bit of time on his hands, I think in 20 years this puppy will do very well. I love Dumas, read a lot of his books. Friends of mine are heading to Greece in a month, I'll ask them to smack a couple of them around and beat some sense into. Retirement at 52 is NOT realistic.

    • Puns are welcome. VISN has been getting some press lately, anything China does. NBG I heard about some time ago-a friend did well with it, I didnt buy in and should have, but its even cheaper now, ostensibly as a longer term hold it should be okay-keep an eye on the European "stress" tests but longer term it should be okay. VISN should do well over time, I play with CYD China Yuchai (biggest diesel maker in China) as soon as it gets around $16 I buy and take My 8% and bail-its pretty volatile, yet like a clock, up, down.

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