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  • noguanol noguanol Nov 21, 2010 10:08 PM Flag

    YRCW has 18 Purebreed German Shep Guard dogs

    who are hard working for their customers, employees, and facilities. This is a fact. So beyond 35,000 employees and 150,000 American "true jobs" at Risk by manipulators of Wall Street...What happens to the dogs by degenerative Wall st pigs?

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    • and that is a hell of a lot more proof of why they didnt get tarp funds,as opposed the modemkitty's statement that yrc will be just fine... really? yrc has been just fine? now i know why yrc stays alive..... a country of idiots still investing in them.... this country is doomed

    • you stupid fool.....yrc lost enough when they made it public knowledge they were seeking tarp funds.... you think they would come right out with a press release stating why the did not apply for tarp? a press release would have dropped the stock prices even farther. there is a news story out there proving what i said,i just don't have the initiative to dig it up. even if i did,you would still say it was a lie.
      several analysts came out and talked about the reason why YRC backed out. just cause you didn't get a phone call from zollers does not mean it didnt happen

    • LOL...did anyone read MR. Guru's post here about the PROOF he has that YRC applied for a tarp bailout??? As PROOF, he provides two links. The first link states that YRC WANTS to apply. The second is a news story saying YRC thought better of it.
      Thanks for the proof Guru. You are reliable though.

    • 17, Rin-Tin took a whizz on the high voltage security fence at one of the dist centers

    • you don't watch the news? you do not remember when the big three auto companies went to Washington with no plan,and they were told to leave and don't come back until you have a plan?

      that is when they were busted flying corporate jets to beg for money... then ford decided it did not need the money.... and gm cam back with a plan.

      yrcw had no plan because there is no plan that can save this company.

      come on....lie some more....

    • First, the K-9's are supported from employees and generative outside donations (many customers). Secondly, I think the employees, families, and animals will be fine. YRCW could have taken a billion in bailout money but decided not to. This company will be just fine.

      • 2 Replies to modemkitty
      • are very stupid and lie very poorly. first off ,a billion dollars would not save this company. secondly .....YRCW did not turn down the bailout money. they applied for it,got turned down and then stated that they decided to try other means of survival.
        to qualify for bailout money,you needed to prove to uncle sam you have a viable plan back to profitability and longevity.and your closing would have a tremendous effect on the economy.
        YRCW could not show a plan back to profitability ,or prove that they closing would impact the economy.
        even the bailout commission knew YRCW was a goner.
        keep spreading your lies,there are enough idiots here that will believe you,just keep repeating them over and over.... Americans will believe anything if you lie long enough... you are exactly what is wrong with this country

      • If it turns out corruption with any Wall Street firm like Goldman or a short fund.........Obama, Hoffa, Fed, SEC, FBI will storm down on them-This is just too close to America.

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