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  • tx.iconoclast tx.iconoclast Feb 17, 2011 5:43 PM Flag

    Bush wisdom on Iraqi invasion is becoming more clear to dunderheads.


    Bush made clear reasons for going into Iraq which went way beyond WMD. Press focused on WMD because none had been found.

    But it was also because Hussein was violating the terms of his surrender. violating no fly zones, shooting at our aircraft... and jerking around weapons inspectors.

    Clinton was useless. Every time they shot at a plane or violated no fly zone. One of the 50 palaces should have be vaporized.

    International community did not respect Clinton just like they did not respect Carter.

    Other reasons for Iraq was to take the war to them and have terrorists go to Iraq rather than US soil. Highly succesful there.

    And the last...we are seeing now. He wanted to establish a democracy in the belt buckle (look at a map) of the middle east to encourage democracy in the other arab states.

    so now we have Tunisia, Egypt, Baharain and others following Iraq.

    unfortunately... Obama is too much of a joke to have much influence and may screw it up. The problem with democracy in the middle east is if the fanatics use it to seize control. Which is what happened when Carter let the Shah fall in Iran.

    But what do you expect when you have a president who spent his formative years in a muslim school in a muslim country?

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    • You knew this all along. Now tell us what is going to happen the next 10 years.

    • tx. Saddam had very few planes and they wern't violiating even any air molacules when Bush was Prez.
      No how about Saddams awsome Navy?
      Your beating another dead dog just like YRC.

      On the brink of the US led invasion, Saddam Hussein disregarded his air force's wishes to defend the country's airspace against coalition aircraft and ordered the bulk of his fighters disassembled or buried. Air Vice Marshal Abed Hamed Mowhoush was apparently the air force commander immediately prior to the war. Some were later found by US excavation forces around the Al Taqqadum and Al Asad air bases, including MiG-25s and Su-25s.[20] The IQAF proved to be totally non-existent during the invasion; a few helicopters were seen but no fighters flew to combat coalition aircraft.[21]

      again grossly full of BS tx.

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      • Updated 02:00 September 3, 1996

        News Analysis

        by Howard Hobbs, Ph.D., Economics Editor, Daily Republican Newspaper

        WASHINGTON DESK - Tom Clancy got it right when he wrote the president's dialog in his new book Executive Orders. According to Clancy's account, the president of the United States resolutely said: "Those guilty of attack (on the Kurds) will face our justice. We will not send notes of protest. We will not call a special meeting of the U.N. Security Council. We will make war with all the power and rage this country and her citizens can muster." Clancy's new book is a colossal read. In a BBC short-wave broadcast at 01:55 Tuesday the Daily Republican first learned that the United States had launched missile strikes against Saddam Hussein in retaliation for his military assault on Kurdish areas and the murder of Kurdish leaders, in a United Nations"safe haven" in northern Iraq.

        The BBC report said that U.S. Navy ships and Air Force B-52 bombers fired a total of 27 cruise missiles at "selected air defense targets" in southern Iraq for about a 45-minute period beginning midmorning, the Pentagon has said.

        President Clinton ordered the mission and was expected to make a formal statement about it at 8 a.m. EDT Tuesday, the White House said.

        About 23,000 U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf remained on "a very high state of alert," braced for "any possible retaliation response" from Iraq, military officials said.

    • Fecal face? The insult of a child but it made me laugh (you puke)

    • Bush never had wisdom and never will.

    • you are one stooid bastid By the way puke where and when did you serve? You seem fine with sending other to be slaughtered for a pack of lies and you disgusting rationalizations

    • Clinton took out all of their anti aircraft and radar nice try at a spin dik weed
      No US aircraft were shot down
      You've been watching the Rumsfield interviews he'll spend eons in hell for all the terror and death him and bushie caused
      "he threatend my father" BUSH
      Time to not only question your YRC analysis but to discard it
      LIAR a word you like to use!!

      Wednesday, September 4 1996; Page A01
      The United States fired a second volley of cruise missiles against air defenses in southern Iraq last night, less than 24 hours after launching a first round and declaring it would enlarge the area south of Baghdad barred to flights by Iraqi military aircraft.

      The second launch of 17 missiles, shot from three surface ships and a submarine in the Persian Gulf, was necessary to ensure elimination of radar sites and antiaircraft missile launchers after damage assessment reports on the first strike were inconclusive, officials said.

      "This is what we would call a mop-up operation," Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon told reporters. "It's an effort to go in and assure we've done everything possible to suppress air defenses before we start enforcing the expanded `no-fly' zone" starting at noon today.

      In a statement from the White House earlier yesterday after the initial attack, President Clinton said the unilateral U.S. action was intended to "make Saddam pay a price" for his military drive north into Kurdish territory over the weekend. But the fact that the missile strikes and expansion of the southern no-fly zone were far away from the Kurdish conflict spoke to a larger purpose -- what Clinton said was "reducing [Saddam's] ability to threaten his neighbors and America's interests."

      Saddam responded defiantly, urging his air force and antiaircraft gunners to attack U.S. and allied planes as they begin policing the expanded air exclusion zone today. Iraq's deputy prime minister, Tariq Aziz, charged that Washington had no legal justification for the attacks, saying that Iraqi troops already had withdrawn from around the Kurdish city of Irbil and that U.S. intelligence reports to the contrary were "disinformation."

    • I had Bush fatigue after 8 years, but he was George Washington compared to the dopes we have now. Remember when the Dems went apoplectic at the thought of "spreading democracy" in the arab world?

    • Bush is by far the worst presidint in American history. Just keep him down in Texas with you.
      Build a fence around your sad state and lock the gate.

    • Useless babbling post again from a MORON

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