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  • luciferhitman luciferhitman Jun 14, 2011 10:09 AM Flag

    Last nights comedy special was FUNNY

    Newt, Michelle and the gang put on a comedy extravaganza last night
    on CNN. It seems Obama is to blame for every bad thing in the
    universe?? Who knew ?
    Now just put the GOP back in total control, and we will all live
    happily ever after. The end!

    Who was that black guy on the stage? He was the only person of color in the building?? Did the janitor get lost?

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    • if you get Mitt you'll be wishing you had Obama back

    • The question of who would be the better Rupublician canidate is tough. The question of which would be a better President than Barry Obama is easy to answer. ANY OF THEM !!!! But must remember the "anybody but Bush" slogan helped get us in this mess. I hope we dont repeat the mistake of not really looking at the canidate a second time.

    • Bait... look who's talking. yea lets vote obama back in so we all can watch everything diminish. WAJ.

      I would vote for my tee shirt if it was running against Obama.

      YOu scared?

      The black guy Herman Cain was sold into slavery by Obamas kenya fathers family.

      Vote for a real Black Man = Herman Cain.

      • 2 Replies to rightwinger32
      • Your so full of it luci, er, I mean, rightwingnuts.You wouldn't vote for a black man unless he was running for town dog catcher. But
        don't worry...the odds of Herman Cain winning ..ONE..GOP primary
        are 1000 to 1 . I watched Cain last night. I really did. Isn't he
        a radio show host? Are you kidding me?
        Don't you find it troubling that the main thing on the GOP agenda seems to be getting rid of the new health care plan? Here we thought when Obama was elected in 2008 that we ( the people ) might get some relief from skyrocketing health insurance rates. But NOoooo, we spent
        one year getting a watered down version in place, and now the next three years getting rid of the watered down KRAP! That's what I
        can count on the GOP accomplishing in 2012????????? Pardon me
        if I don't break out in a deep, guttural cheer!
        And the GOP jobs plan...if I'm hearing this correctly, is BIG
        tax breaks for the rich...less regulations on business...and then
        the business owners will hire???? But I thought the BUSH tax cuts
        were supposed to do that? How about we quit kissin the beehind of every corporation and get tough with them? You wanna outsource and
        sell your product here? Fine....tariffs!
        The only way we can afford to not tax business is to virtually eliminate the federal gov. The EPA, THE FDA, the IRS, the NLRB (oh, the GOP really wants to get rid of them). Funny how the tax subsidies
        for Big oil is NEVER on the table???Amazing, isn't it. Somehow, the GOP is always protecting the rich. The GOP had NOOOO PROBLEM bailing out the banks,,the wall street crooks. But the BIG 3 auto's....let em go bye bye. It's the way capitalism works??????? hahahahahaha
        I know..I KNOW, the Dems are little better. But spare me the GOP
        BULLKRAP. Been there, done that.
        Both parties share one rule..PROMISE ANYTHING TO GET ELECTED!!!!!

      • Yes sir...those writers for Bill O and Fox News do put on a good show...what a joke...Aloha

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