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  • durante.jack durante.jack Jun 25, 2011 7:36 AM Flag

    6B dilution won't happen-co.will raise huge cash

    by this two options:
    500M yrc regional(profitable since 2010) split and IPO
    550/700M sale of yrc national to UPS

    obviously lenders are the first to know dilution is off the table and nhuge assets proceeding so they started an heavy shares accumulation which will continue before and after new recap. announcement

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    • liar liar pants on fire.....docyall

    • YRCW is only going to issue 1.4B shares out of the proposed 5.9B to be authorized. 100M shares are convertible and may or may not hit the market ever.

      YRCW will need to be approved for financial viability exception
      YRCW will need 8th circuit court to affirm lower court decision infavor of IBT & YRCW
      YRCW will need shareholder approval (and by design it is a given to pass).

      look for YRCW to trade in peer group on a per share basis. 2-3 bucks is given

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      • How to Do a Deal Without Shareholder Approval: The Financial Viability Exception
        ^google that^

        That means NASDAQ will let them issue new shares WITHOUT the currant shareholders approving.

        Dilution probably won't be 6 billion but the 97.5% of the 1.4 or more billion will be owned by the lenders and union, leaving current common shares with 2.5% of the companies old shares.
        Rendering todays current shares to pennies and nearly worthless..
        They will go to zero "if" they change the charter / NAME and issue an IPO in the future.
        Either way current shareholders get to hold the bag.

        You point to it yourself mentioning the "Financial Viability Exception"
        which leaves shareholders out of the process.

        Still a big risk and they still need to make a profit not constantly manipulate stock to make money!

    • You're an idiot and you're wrong again as usual.

      The stakeholders are purposely destroying the the common shareholders to improve their chance of getting YRCW to pay them back.

      This stock will get diluted.......massively.......again.

    • Lots of interest <> lots of potential. YRCW has huge alignments.

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      • Looks like they do have "huge alignments".
        The company is being socialized and subsidized by bankers who are socialized by digital dollars from the Fed.
        A run on banks would be a disaster they haven't printed the trillions that are on digital paper we have virtual money in cyberspace.
        To bad for the competition and the free market when your govt. specifically helps subsidise faltering union companies.

    • On huge cash.
      Have you seen the companies credit ratings?
      D&B or Moodys?

    • Lets talk about on Aug 2nd after the report.
      UPS is not spending 1 billion for bankrupt YRC freight.
      UPS can wait out those discounted volume accounts.
      Nothings for sale unless the banks take over delete the CEO and liquidate assets. Whether whole companies or real estate assets!

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