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  • edward_3141 edward_3141 Jun 23, 2009 4:28 PM Flag

    Why would any company continue to explore in Mongolia?

    Ha, Ha, you guys are fooled by the medias and the so called analysts.I called this brain wash !!!!
    The Chinese economy actually is doing pretty well, the internal demand is built up day by day The copper price actually went up last night , and the recent going down of the oil and copper price is just a short term retreat after a strong up, the price went up wave by wave, so the consolidation is actually done in the past few days, and will go back to the normal trend. The US dollar actually went weak last night which just follow the normal trend again after retreat. News from China yesterday that PPI in China will turn positive in the second half of this year, which means demand will go up and economy will have a strong recovery and the IMF report yesterday confirmed it. So, what we will see in the second half of 2009 is the US economy will stabilized in the bottom with very weak growth due to the high unemployment and low housing and bank problem and the Chinese economy will start to rebound strongly. Oil price will continue going up due to the strategic conservation program from China, a lot of oil were imported , not for consumption, but pump into the ground for for conservation. The Obama stimulus program will kick in in July Aug, which will need a lot of basic materials, so was China's stimulus program .
    In the past few days, the medias and analysts just pump the market wil fear , fear of rate hike ( it is impossible when the US unemployment rate is so high and continue going up), weak recovery in US , but not in China. Medias know that FED will have the meeting on Jun 23 24, and usually, one day before the meeting, market dropped big, in the first day of the meeting market either went up or down a little. In the second day of the meeting before 11AM when FED made the announcement, market was generally quiet, and starting from 11AM , market shhot up after the announcement from FED. There is no exception this time, Yesterday market dropped big, today, market just fluctuated within a narrow range, and tomorrow morning before 11AM, market will up a little , DOJ may up less than 30 points and just wait for the announcement by 11AM, and market shoot up big time after 11AM and starts the summer ralley.