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  • sethbru2 sethbru2 Aug 21, 2009 3:10 PM Flag

    Last Chance to Place Your Bets

    When the market opens Monday in the US, Monday's business will be concluded in Mongolia. Do you think Mongolia will turn away their best chance to generate national prosperity? We know Gary (gv66868) thinks so, but most others here feel human nature and the desire for self-fulfilment and prosperity will cause Mongolia to strike a workable agreement. Last chance to place your bets via IVN & EGI!

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    • I don't think this will be done on Monday. I think it will be done on Tuesday..

      Monday the committee has it back and needs to debate again before sending it back to Parliament.

      The end is close. But I don't believe that it is Monday. IMHO.

    • davebrener Aug 21, 2009 5:24 PM Flag

      Been really no news one could strongly call positive or negative. All that has happened is another week gone with everyone going "tomorrow will be the day". The posts still sound like they did years ago and the stock price while having a little rise shows no strong conviction.

      Days turn to weeks and weeks to months and months to years.

    • As a clinical psychologist let me suggest that given the
      abnormal level of resentment shown to those who see IVN as glass half full it becomes apparent that Gary (gv66868) has ALREADY lost big on stock and he now takes that frustration out on any and all who express confidence in upwards movement (profit).

      This was part of my graduate thesis around 5 years ago that studied
      message board behavior across a variety of sources (product Review boards,stock boards,news sites etc)

      Text book case actually. often times as past messages containing
      incorrect calls ("you said last week the stock would drop to $5 but it is up every day since) ..You will often get responces that
      center around all of the money they "have already made on this dog"
      or a personal insult.

    • good question, i'm betting on Mongolia letting things happen sooner or later, but it definitely is a gamble at this point. Added more IVN today, the copper prices are rising (today + 5%). Long and strong!