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  • paradise.1933 paradise.1933 Apr 10, 2010 8:01 PM Flag

    So why doesn't RGDX Management

    ever discuss profitability? They talk about increasing # of test kits sold, but never about profitability.

    That's because they see RED for the foreseeable future.

    They are trying to increase sales by increasing sales people, but guess what, it still comes at a cost. Their cost structure doesn't work! They only sell these kits on a retail basis. I got news for you people, there will never be enough demand on a retail basis to make a dime. The money is in the commercial deals and that's where the big boys play such as QGEN.

    Good're going to need it. Frankapotomous will be laughing all the way to the bank when you're left holding the bag. He's a pumper...nothing more.

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    • I normally don't respond to idiots, but your the exception. It's obvious you're shorting this stock by your comments and if you are, you're losing money. I guess you're smarter than Lansdown Partners Ltd who purchase 600,000 shares @ 1.31 $ 787,000. I don't care what you have to say I'm winning, your losing.

    • Paradise,

      Could you be a more complete idiot if you tried hard? I really don't think so.

      You missed the easy money here, but there's more to be made.

      But is your objective really making money? I just think you have this love/hate thing going on with CLDX and Franck, and I suppose these stupid postings are some kind of hobby for you.

      I'll enjoy my RGDX profits even more knowing your sentiments.

      • 2 Replies to my11bagger
      • <I just think you have this love/hate thing going on with CLDX and Franck> hit the nail on the head! Its actually a remark I made last year over the CLDX buys out CRGN deal. At that time, paradise was slamming marrucci as incompetent along w/ the co. is not transparent, no CCs etc! I explained to him that CLDX was acquiring assets and going through growing pains and CRGN would be accretive even though the immediate effect of DILUTION would be hard felt! That occured, the stock p tanked and paradise had expensive shares at 7-8+ , heck so did I but I was averaging down and had already owned the stock as AVANT and made money on it. He attacked me on that and said NO ONE has ever made money on this stock. Well thats just BS because I have records to prove i did!

        My first review of CDX-110 in GBM extending life was June 2007!

        So that started the barrage between us! HE said I never made money. That pi$$ed me off and I said something mean to him, I forget now but it was somewhat mean spirited a nd we were off to the races!

        He than followed me over to AMAG and started in on that holding too. HE has accused me of LYING on my position in AMAG which I have played the spread DOWN and profited and he tells the BOARDS I lie on that too.

        So thats where we are today. Clearly he is emotionally driven and not clear thinking. You have seen what he says here at RGDX! I picked this play 2 years ago, did my DD on it and I think this is a winner! He poopoos every + news event from sales ramping, to changes in BOD!

        I stick to my knitting. You know me, I went to fine ACC school and learned Business the old fashioned way and I am a bottom up Investor!

        This company would have been a pure play choice in my 1973 Finance class as too how to pick a winning co. in a new undiscovered space, w/ new IP not appreciated yet by the market/ and or industry but still the future will see it as INDISPENSIBLE.

        UM created a incubator business investment ctr. over just these concepts back in 1983! I did some of my first investment than from contacts I made at business mtgs. and never looked back. One of the google founders was a computer science student 1993 named Surgei Brin...who was one of the early pioneers!

        Look Im not bragging to you guys just giving you some of my history and where I am coming from. I really do not have alterior motives. Dave you know me I have freely given some pretty good tips and you seem pleased w/ DCTH and RGDX and others so I rest my case. Dave thanx for your support! I will never forget that you have stood in my defense!

        My good buddy from Carolina who is a proud grad of NCSU! May the memory of Jimmy V, a giant among all men ever to grace this planet live forever!


      • Bagger there's no more bigger than yourself...idolizing the Franckpotomous. You're an absolute moron.

        The Frankpotomous should no better than to badger me time and time again....this time I plan on finishing it.

        He's a freaking pumping machine...this Company is an absolute joke. He got lucky on this one to-date....but that's because of so many idiots like yourself follow the moron.

        I hope you get arse burned on this's only a matter of time dipsheet.

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