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  • paradise.1933 paradise.1933 Apr 10, 2010 9:46 PM Flag

    So when does RGDX turn a profit?

    Come on piece of sheet....answer the question?

    Why in the world would billion dollar companies look at this penny stock company? They make test kits for crying out loud.

    All you knuckleheads look to the Franckpotomous to do your DD....and you eat up every word the nitwit matter how stretched or far from the truth. I can't wait for the day you all get burned...because you deserve every bit of it.

    The Franckpotomous was even able to spin the attempt to overthrow the board and management as a positive. There was only a month ago when he was saying the CEO was the bomb!

    Give me a break...are you all that naive??? Look at the few shares that are traded each day??? It's probably mostly Franck day trading....LMAO!!!

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    • ahhh...but what you don't know is I ran CLDX up from $8 to $11 leading up to ASCO in 2009 and bought back at $7.50 after ASCO....the bottom fell out...averaged down to $6.40 and now I'm up again.

      You see...I don't brag and publish every trade like the Frankpotomous....I'm not that insecure.

    • Ok, Paradise, got it. You're up about .46 on CLDX by your numbers.

      Closing the loop here, you think I should take your advise.

      My consolodated CLDX numbers, combining 4 accounts:
      Shares - 6450
      Average PPS - 4.94
      In the green - $12384

      Options - 12 Aug 5 calls, up 139%
      5 Aug 7.5 calls, up 90%

      Shares - 9500
      Average PPS - 1.42
      In the green - $8835

      Bottom line: I'm making money in both of these stocks. You are barely in the green in CLDX (hope you make big $$ there btw)

      My conclusion; your track record shows your advise should be ignored.

      This thread is closed for me.

    • I hold 15,400 shares at $ can't read???? Bagger boy you are soooo lame. I don't give a sheet whether you believe me or not. What, you think Franck can't make that sheet up when he posts every single trade??? You don't think he can fudge the numbers???? Please tell me that you're not that naive or stupid?????

      The Frankpotomous got destroyed on the was hilarious....

    • No, para, Franck did well and kicked yours and your buddys' sorry a$$'$ up and down the board. Just 'cause you got your lefty loonies to gang up on him doesn't mean y'all won the argument. You are delusional and wasting my time.

      Apologies to lurkers who may be interested in this stock. This soap opera is a distraction. Notice again Paradise will not post his sorry Celdex investing record. If he has a position in RGDX its probably so small he's embarrassed to disclose.

      I'm off, this target's too easy.

    • Franck....what happened to the sabbatical...what happened to putting half the CLDX board on're a chronic liar who is full of hate.

    • dave ..doing out today and did outdoor golf for ole franck...saw that tigerrrrrr ... lost to PM!

      I love it!

      paradise is his usual...had him on iggie two days..took him off just to read his BS and just punked his lame azz on the CLDX board.

      gave him the challenge and like the PU$$Y he is didn't show up!

      hope yur well I know yur stock picks are!


    • Your a big man Bagger....what you have to hold the Frankpotomous' hand now....he was absolutely destroyed....and he deserved every bit of it! follow the Frankpotomous around like a little puppy who lost his mama. It's down right you think you can start thinking for yourself....maybe do some DD??? LOL...

    • Frank,

      How's it going? I think Ole Paradise (aka one stock wonder) has gone off the deep end. Like a broken clock, at least he's right about CLDX. But I'm not holding my breath on him revealing anything about his investing prowess (LOL).

      I regret not being able to get into the recent argument over in CLDX as I still work for a living.

      But I see because you dare to challenge our "Dear Leader" you are therefore a racist. Again, all of our left wing nutcases are also therefore racists because of their self-confessed hatred of Bush. Wouldn't it be nice to have a president who was actually fight a war on terrorism?

      Hope you're enjoying the weather. Some great golf today. Glad to see Mickelson get another green jacket.

      I'm sure "one stock wonder" will trot out some lame excuse why he can't show his performance, so this could be entertaining. Good week to you.

    • and a fourth....


      My balance
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      Current value $19,505.00 Status Good Order
      Previous day value $19,505.00 Asset class Equity
      Shares/units 8,300.0000 Margin eligible No
      Account type Cash
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      12/14/2009 12/09/2009 Buy 1,000.0000 $1.14 $1,152.00 CASH
      12/07/2009 12/02/2009 Buy 1,000.0000 $1.25 $1,262.00 CASH
      11/06/2009 11/03/2009 Buy 1,000.0000 $1.30 $1,312.00 CASH

      Im just saying and and IM not trying to be smart azz...but I put up and he should put up or shut up!

      but paradise likes to TRY and hurt peoples feelings...thats his intent...he just hurts himself as people read his silly posts and see the little person he is!

      he ain't got chit!


    • and a third account...

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      03/05/2009 49 $2.350 $115.15 $46.55 $0.95 $68.60
      147.368% Cash N/A Internal
      07/15/2009 100 $2.350 $235.00 $102.00 $1.02 $133.00
      130.392% Cash N/A Internal
      07/16/2009 100 $2.350 $235.00 $102.00 $1.02 $133.00
      130.392% Cash N/A Internal
      10/28/2009 45 $2.350 $105.75 $60.75 $1.35 $45.00
      74.074% Cash N/A Internal
      10/29/2009 55 $2.350 $129.25 $74.25 $1.35 $55.00
      74.074% Cash N/A Internal
      11/03/2009 100 $2.350 $235.00 $120.00 $1.20 $115.00
      95.833% Cash N/A Internal
      11/18/2009 100 $2.350 $235.00 $130.00 $1.30 $105.00
      80.769% Cash N/A Internal
      12/01/2009 200 $2.350 $470.00 $254.00 $1.27 $216.00
      85.039% Cash N/A Internal
      12/03/2009 50 $2.350 $117.50 $60.00 $1.20 $57.50
      95.833% Cash N/A Internal
      12/04/2009 50 $2.350 $117.50 $60.00 $1.20 $57.50
      95.833% Cash N/A Internal
      12/08/2009 100 $2.350 $235.00 $115.00 $1.15 $120.00
      104.348% Cash N/A Internal
      12/09/2009 100 $2.350 $235.00 $114.00 $1.14 $121.00
      106.140% Cash N/A Internal
      12/17/2009 100 $2.350 $235.00 $110.00 $1.10 $125.00
      113.636% Cash N/A Internal
      12/17/2009 100 $2.350 $235.00 $111.00 $1.11 $124.00
      111.712% Cash N/A Internal
      12/17/2009 100 $2.350 $235.00 $115.00 $1.15 $120.00
      104.348% Cash N/A Internal
      12/17/2009 100 $2.350 $235.00 $112.00 $1.12 $123.00
      109.821% Cash N/A Internal
      12/17/2009 100 $2.350 $235.00 $113.00 $1.13 $122.00
      107.965% Cash N/A Internal

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