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  • paradise.1933 paradise.1933 Apr 15, 2010 5:32 PM Flag

    Let me guess the Franckpotomous

    bought another couple thousand shares at the end of the day to pump the price back to even. LOL.

    RGDX investors, be very skeptical of Frazzonut's intentions. He's found a stock that he can manipulate and pump the he11 out of it in order to lure you in so he can jump out and leave you hanging. People like Frazzo are the lowest of the lowest.

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    • is that your mama I hear callin your lame azz to dinner?

      "oh pair of nuts its chow time. I have purina for you."

      ruff! ruff! thanx momma!

      get off the board you big dope!

      you ain't wellcome here....I can't and I wouldn't manipulate a stock.thats so ludicrous and just like you..go take your lithium boy!


    • RGDX investors, this paradise fellow won't disclose whether or not he has a position here. But after earnings he stated to this poster he now bashes "Frank, you're golden"

      So he posts here all the time, supposedly hates the stock, but won't disclose position? Be very wary of him. His kind is the most dangerous (insert scary music here)

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