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  • calif_grl99 calif_grl99 Sep 5, 2011 11:12 PM Flag

    RGDX new BRAF melanoma test for new drug

    New Melanoma drug approved for the BRAF gene mutation, which is the test that RGDX just launched in Q2. Very interesting. Excerpt from article -

    "The F.D.A. approved vemurafenib, with the brand name Zelboraf, to treat patients with metastatic melanoma who have a certain genetic mutation called BRAF V600E. The drug inhibits the cancer-spreading action of that particular gene, which is held in about 50 percent of people who have metastatic melanoma."

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    • << Insurance companies will reimburse for definitive biomarkers but not those "nice to have" tests. >>

      mdx are you implying that the panels off the slide that are current and/or rolling out are nice to have tests because if so I think you are FOS!

      every panel and every test on that panel is nescessary to some cancer patients, their docs, and the insurance and or other payors who will insist upon that test!

      its like a chinese menu for the doc...they pic and choose what panel to run and what specific mutation!

      you seem to be captivated by AR and I see AR as a relatively mute point w/ this co...the financial statements do not show it as a concern..and 90 days to get paid is certainly the std these days especially in a weak economy...whats you beef again, cause this one is silly imo?


    • EXPAND the panel is the ISSUE! The issue on reimbursement is not necessarily about any specific biomarker, it is more related to companies expanding the panels to include tests that don't provide enough additional clinical information to justify the additional costs. Insurance companies will reimburse for definitive biomarkers but not those "nice to have" tests. Patients can't afford to pay for these denials and they sit on the company's AR and age until they get written-off. The symptoms are clear, sales growth paralleled with growth in receivables. Beyond 90 days, you're not going to get paid!

    • our growth will come from this direction...

      EXPAND Lung Panel
      EXPAND Melanoma Panel
      INTRODUCE Pancreatic Panel Expanding Platforms to Complement RT-PCR: Sequenom, FISH, IHC
      EXPAND Colon Panel

      taken right off the slide!


    • cali girl, old frank took his 42K share position down to 22K as I sold into the 2.85pop as u know, raised some cash and waited...I have now added back 10K and hold ~32K and struck 1.75 yesterday!

      someones trash is always someone elses treasure!

      stockholders mtg is two weeks away!

      this is a LT hold for me and as I said many times before...if you want to lower your NAC you must trade the my new net is now 1.15 and that has been lowered from 1.75 in the past exchange...

      ok so Im .60 cheaper on shares and the only thing that has really changed is this company has turned the corner and is cost neutral and about to turn profitable....LadenburgThalman and De Geeter may have changed the sentiment to hold...and some think DILUTION is coming....but we all know this is a $5 stock in and M&A and so I like my position...and Im glad you guys have joined the fray and bring some science into the discussion albeit too much BS by some who seem to have a mission...I too am frustrated w/ RGDX and the lack of transparency, and the lack of a shareholder communication....I have written many letters to CM and she responds but its always so vague...

      They could dispel a lot of this MIS information being spouted by simply holding a science day w/ a good Investment Firm...and TROUT is pitiful so i have asked CM to step up to the plate and get a real firm that is an advocate and not an anchor!

      all that said I may take it up to 50K shares next!


    • Honest intellectual conversation? Lets do it. But your B.S. is completely ridiculous. Show me the evidence that they wont get reimbursed for the PCR tests????????

      Also, my second point is that RGDX can offer the same tests that are already FDA approved, or do you dispute that too?

      RE: FISH, that was in reference to the FDA approved ALK test - yes it is a FISH test. Keep trying to obscure the facts that you are incorrect on the reimbursement issue AND haven't acknowledged that RGDX could easily offer the FDA approved tests anyway... so this is a moot point that you are arguing!

    • None taken. I'm just trying to have an honest open discussion.

    • You clearly don't know this space at all... You don't use FISH for BRAF testing.

      Not point in getting into an honest intllectual discussion with someone who can only revert to name calling and insults, when you cannot intelligently speak about this topic.

      I'm not trying to scare anyone. I like RGDx. It's so funny when people on this board cannot have an open discussion about the evolution of personalized medicine and how things are progressing and changing rapidly.

    • are correct...he's full of sheet. He's using scare tactics to try and move the share price lower.

      You can bet Geno was buying shares today.

    • The FDA approval of Zelboraf is the new news, but the information on the V600E BRAF mutaition is old news and has been know for at least 2-years now... many labs already have a CLIA-validated BRAF test.

      • 3 Replies to genetherapyman
      • Gene appears to understand the Dx market and contributes to the dialogue. While Frank is clearly the RGDX cheerleader, there is no reason for the personal attacks. RGDX had to raise $ in May at $1.99, KD was forced to step down, and the quarterly numbers showed erosion in their retail efforts and rising AR. We all would like RGDX to be a good Long-term investment but we need management to perform. Medicare has announced they are revisiting molecular diagnostic reimbursement in 2012, a signal that reimbursement will most likely be lower. This is a competitive business and the large players can absorb the lower reimbursement. The longer it takes management and the board to focus, the more difficult it will get. RGDX needs leadership! Right now, the stock is appropriately priced.

      • but than again GENE said this too and I must confess he is RIGHT on this front!

        << Re: get rid of the republican , they are the big threat of the country 1-Aug-11 08:50 am
        With this kind of thinking, I know understand why Liberalism is a "mental disorder"....

        The DEMs could have raised the debt ceiling last November 2010 (after the election with no questions asked) before the new Tea Party Freshman were sworn in in Jan. 2011, but THEY chose not too, and therefore, manufacturered this crisis, and made this a political showndown...

        In addition, it's pretty ironic that the DEMs are FOR reducing the Debt after THEY were the ones who spent all the money to get us in this mess...

        I know Bush also spent alot of money too, buy Obama (and the democratic congress) has spent more money in the past two years than all other administrations combined! >>


        ps//I think BOs bowling score of 37 equals his approval rating now too at 37%...pitiful like Carter!

      • I am merely pointing out that rgdx's NEW test for BRAF mutation RE: melanoma, which was just announced less than a month ago, is clearly a play on the NEW drug Zelboraf. Given rgdx has onco's that use rgdx for their other cancer tests, I'd expect rgdx will get some incremental sales out of this...

        Get it, new drug and new RGDX diag test that addresses that potential market. The fact that there are already competitors with BRAF tests for Melanoma is obvious, Gene. In fact there are competitors for ALL of rgdx's tests. so what is your point?

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