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  • mvsracf1 mvsracf1 Nov 24, 2007 9:24 PM Flag

    13-D Filed on 11/23/2007


    Did FARALLON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT increase their total holdings by about 1 million shares (~28.4 million shares to ~29.4 million shares since June 30, 2007? Am i reading this correctly.

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    • You can not reason with these idiots. Do yourself a favor and stop responding to them. They will eventually go back to Rosie's web site and spew their anti American hatred there.

    • Hey Benz- that's good stuff- since I'm in architecture, I saw those clips holding up the joists, THAT'S IT? The architect, I guess didn't care, they put those towers up pretty quickly as I remember, the joists, pour the slab, up and up, but those CLIPS, THOSE BRACKETS, never had a chance under that heat, there's no coverup, it was the intense heat warping the steel trusses, pancake time...even Al Queda didn't know those towers were that vulnerable.


      O.K. last post on the subject. Take a look at the guy in the picture applying the fireproofing to the steel. If you have ever been around this stuff you would know it is easily knocked off just by touching it. I have been around it and seen it knocked off. It stood no chance of staying in place against the violence of a jet plane crash. The sprinkler system also stood no chance against a jet plane crash.

      During the civil war Sherman orders his soldiers to destroy confederate rail lines by heating the rails in a fire and twisting them up so they could not be re-used. His men referred to them as Sherman's neck ties. That is what fire does to steel or probably in Sherman's case iron.

      You can see for yourself in the case of the twin towers everything above the fires collapses onto everything below it. In the case of building 7 I linked the information with the agencies that actually studied the failure explaining how it happened including evidence that the fire department knew the building was going to collapse a couple of hours before it happened. You can also assume spray fireproofing was not invented and required to be used on steel buildings on a lark, the affects of fire on steel are well known whether you choose to believe it or not.

    • Allow me to clarify some of the reasons the WTC collapsed. I was involved with portions of the construction of the project. It was apparent to us that the structure had about 40% less steel than a typical steel structure. There were no steel beams betwen the core and the exterior framing, just open webbed steel joists with sprayed on fire proofing. There were NO SPRINKLERS in the building, only in the parking areas. When I saw the planes hit and the fires start I told all those present that the buildings would collapse. The conspirency theoreists must have another agenda, they certainly ignore the facts. Lets get back to talking about CSE

    • I didn't know that CSE was in the defense or terrorism business, that's news to me. Now there is a business on the upswing!


      After the north tower collapsed, some firefighters entered 7 World Trade Center to search the building. They attempted to extinguish small pockets of fire, but low water pressure hindered their efforts.[28] A massive fire burned into the afternoon on the 11th and 12th floors of 7 World Trade Center, the flames visible on the east side of the building.[29][30] During the afternoon, fire was also seen on floors 6�10, 13�14, 19�22, and 29�30.[3] At approximately 2:00 p.m., firefighters noticed a bulge in the southwest corner of 7 World Trade Center between the 10th and 13th floors which was a sign that the building was unstable and might collapse.[31] During the afternoon, firefighters also heard creaking sounds coming from the building.[32] Around 3:30 pm, given that 7 World Trade Center was unstable and would possibly collapse, FDNY Chief Daniel Nigro decided to halt rescue operations, surface removal and searches along the surface of the debris near 7 World Trade Center and evacuate the area due to concerns for the safety of personnel.[33][31] At 5:20 p.m. EDT on September 11, 2001, 7 World Trade Center collapsed. The building had been evacuated and there were no casualties associated with the collapse.

      Despite preliminary findings by FEMA and NIST that fire caused the collapse, some conspiracy theorists believe the dramatic building collapses on September 11, including that of building seven, were the result of controlled demolition.[43][44] NIST has "found no evidence of a blast or controlled demolition event", though in its final report on building 7, they would "like to determine the magnitude of hypothetical blast scenarios that could have led to the structural failure of one or more critical elements."

    • cw,

      I've seen enough aircraft crash investigations recently to know explosives leave plenty of evidence. I don't know all the facts about the other buildings so I can't tell you why 7 fell when others didn't but I am certain if 7 was taken down by explosives there would be plenty of evidence.

      It's hard to tell from the photo's but the wreckage of the building that was completely consumed in fire but did not collapse looks like it might have been constructed in concrete instead of steel which would explain why it did not collapse.

    • <<<Look up the stress-strain diagram on steel and how temperature effects it. Jet fuel (kerosene) burns at 2500-2800 deg F. The point being made is the beams didn't have to "melt", they became structurally deficient due to elevated temperatures.>>>

      You are correct "melt" was a poor choice of words, the steel fails but does not actually "melt" at the temperatures in the fire. Good thing I said I was an architect and not a structural engineer :)

    • The tower's structural steel never got close to the melting's your point?

      Look up the stress-strain diagram on steel and how temperature effects it. Jet fuel (kerosene) burns at 2500-2800 deg F. The point being made is the beams didn't have to "melt", they became structurally deficient due to elevated temperatures.

      Building 7 did collapse, probably due to the vibrations from megatonnage collapse of WTC nearby.

    • it appears he owns 9.1 mil shares direct up 500,000 sh from the previous filing. But that doesn't mean the stock goes up. Friday was a low volume meaningless day, not a risk/reward for scalpers like me.A bear trap when dumb money thinks the market has turned but don't have a clue that the ENTIRE LAST 18 MONTHS GDP was based on $750 BILLION IN MORTGAGE-EQUITY EXTRACTION. That's it, wages FLAT FOR 5 YEARS. The trickle-down Republican con artists threw a bone to the masses, while the real cash went out the back door for the Military Industrial Complex sucking 40% of every tax dollar in it's criminally-sponsered Congress to seize foreign oil supplies. Americans are truely the biggest dumbasses in all of history. It fou aren't a Redneck moron, then if you fave teenagers, why the hell are you sitting on your dumbass thinking all the "Thanksgivingly-timed" sweet stories about Iraq's handing chocolate to the kids bullshit isn't planned, so we can maintain 14 permanent military bases while sucking your teen youth into the War Machine, in the guize of protecting US from THEM, you are mostly fools. Sit on your ass and dring the Bud, worry about your injured quarterback while your kids get taken some day.