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  • lner2512 lner2512 Mar 13, 2008 12:45 AM Flag

    Josh Peters

    I agree the change of heart was pretty abrupt, although he'd speculated earlier about a dividend cut. He admitted he "blew it" on MMA and I don't think he wanted two of those in a row. Still a good analyst with a different take on the market.

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    • Morningstar screwed CSE investors but good.

      That jackass on Fox sitting there keeping hope up that CSE was worth $30. Please.

      Farallon coming in big. They paid too much buying into Mills too and needed Simon to save their sorry rear ends.

      TONE deal has to be dead by now. I don't see how CSE could keep reit status and own a bank at these levels given TONE's capital needs going forward. Picking a crappy bank that is capital constrained isn't exactly the key to some lower cost of funds paradise as CapitalOne has learned.

      Reits are going to have problems rolling over their short term debt.

    • < I agree the change of heart was pretty abrupt >............. I agree with you. The abrupt change came from getting burnt on MMA. He's getting leary of ALD also. He's not selling it yet but He's worried in my opinion. His NEW buys like syy and JNJ are very conservative.