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  • cwtripps cwtripps Mar 20, 2008 2:57 PM Flag

    Trade of the year if you bought low today


    congrats...brass balls indeed

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    • Be greedy when others are fearful--but ONLY if you've got a good idea what they fear! When I learned from this board that others feared the pin action from CIT, I bought another chunk. Not at thew bottom, but close enough.

    • i tried to get in earlier but added to my position at 9.45. seriously think could have a double by this time next year

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      • "seriously think could have a double by this time next year "

        By this time next month is more like it.

        I think Farralon, MDP, and Delaney are pissed off big time watching the shorts put the very existence of CSE in jeopardy. There are probably loan covenants on the credit lines that CSE has that are restrictive if CSE equity value drops too much. And Ffln, MDP, and Delaney were helpless to step in to buy shares beause they had material knowledge of Tone acquisition, and as well Frln and MDP had percentage ownership limits per OTS guidelines. I'm sure too irate CSE shareholders have been calling IR demanding an explaination. Further Frln and MDP may have loan covenants too and they can't sit by and watch CSE stock go to rediculous $7 level. These guys have had enough of this BS, and are going to act and go in buying bigtime now imo. Delaney has made these guys ALOT of money, and protects their interests to the tune of a .6% default rate.

        CSE is not a BSC. There can be no run on the bank by customers at CSE. Nor is there a margin call liquidity issue b/c of matched funding. I believe Monday morning will be a battle royal with the shorts. The shorts will be pretty bold and brash still imo on Monday. Shorts have pocketed alot of money the last few days and are greedy and now have deep pockets to keep up the attacks. According to Cramer shorts are attacking high div stocks that hedge funds levered up on to force liquidation with margin calls.

        Get ready for more fireworks Monday mornings boys...I will be loading up on May $12.50 calls...will buy at least 100 contracts Monday morning.


      • Only could afford a measly 100 shares but I bought at $9.75 when it was climbing.....
        Brass balls indeed.
        ...blood in the streets, my friend!

    • I thought the trade of the year was shorting CSE...
      (relax everybody - just kidding around.)