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  • holew holew May 7, 2008 11:24 PM Flag

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    My broker just sent me this on CSE from analyst at FBW. It is an attractive long term buy but then we all knew that.

    Key Points from FBW
    >n The March quarter was extremely strong in all regards. The >company delivered results in line with consensus expectations of $0.51 per >share while absorbing a $0.09+ loss tied to the sale of a portion of its >agency portfolio. Credit losses were significantly lower than expected and >most other measures of credit quality registered stability in overall loan >quality.
    >n The company reiterated its intent to deliver a $0.60 per quarter >dividend and indicated that it expects to successfully renew a major >credit facility up for renewal this year (the Citibank loan).
    >n Reflecting this good news, the stock is now trading above our >target price of $16. Given this, we are reducing our rating from Buy to >Neutral.
    >n The $16 valuation mark is based on our own assessment of the >company's current dividend-paying capacity, capitalized at 10% ($2.05 x >payout ratio 80% = $1.64/10.0%=$16.40). Read differently, were the >company to reduce its dividend to $0.41 per quarter, the stock could still >sport a 10%+ yield.
    >n The current dividend is $0.60 per quarter, or $2.40 per >year. Capitalizing this at the 13.6% median yield accorded the $1 billion >market cap. income stocks we follow, suggests a higher value for this >stock (IAD $2.40/13.4%=$17.91). Given this and the expectation that >targeted yields should improve over time, we view CapitalSource as an >attractive long-term hold.

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    • Thanks for the post. FBW has closely followed CSE so I was somewhat concerned about their change. JPM said as of 5/7 market out perform.

      IMO so many of these ratings get behind the curve. Everything they said was based on stock price which is at least up from its lows ---

      SO I guess we all should have bought at around $11 (forgot no analyst said that) hold here and do what at $17????? ---- and these guys get paid. At least the posters here seem to have some convection.

    • Don't you just love the CYA? They think the stock is attractive but downgrade it--they're covered either way!