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  • PFunkyAllStar PFunkyAllStar Jun 19, 2008 12:26 PM Flag

    what's so good about losing the dividend?


    My avg yield per share of CSE is 15.98%.

    When Dripped, this comes to a phenomenal amount after 15 years for me.

    That is assuming: no capital appreciation, no dividend increases.

    That is: if the share price remained constant and the dividend remained constant for 15 years, I would be rewarded immensely.

    I had confidence that the Dividend could be maintained through conservative reit behavior.


    All that being said: there seem to be folks who are excited about the prospect of losing reit status and the dividend.

    How could you expect CSE to beat >16% annualized gains?

    I can't, but I'm willing to listen.

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