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  • iluvstemcells iluvstemcells Oct 9, 2008 12:28 PM Flag



    More banks will fail.....and take CSE down with them. At least that's my opinion. I sold all my CSE at $13.88 (I'm green, CSE) and am considering getting back in.....after the knife stops falling.

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    • courts investigated it and there were no issues, you are probably referring to the electoral college where you lose the popular vote but win elections. research acorn. look at what is going on in Ohio. wake up. let's face it, 10 million people take care of 290 million people. once that reality sinks in and you think about it, it will scare you or it should. Keep in mind "equal opportunity housing". There is a cost to it. the cost is substantial. you will pay for it if you pay taxes and we are paying a terrible price for it as it has not helped the neighborhoods we thought it would. i'd rather just give it away and call it what it is...........a hand out.

    • Amen, How right you are.

    • Everyone focuses on sub prime as the villian - this is horse s--t! If economy were sound then the housing market would be healthy and no one would be concerned about mortgages,

      It's all about the 'sins of your father' and Bush's pre-occupation with Iraq. This ill fated mission left the USA financially, morally and internationally bankrupt.

      Payment for the Iraq folly has not yet even scratched the surface.

    • The only voter fraud I think of is the fraud that took place in the last two Presidential elections.

      On another note, a favorite tactic used by the Republicans are labels they use to discredit programs that don't allow them to con the honest working people, in this case socialism. Another favorite term is liberal.

      Thanks for providing the example.

    • so you want socialism? the type of change you are talking about will only come about through voter fraud. your "change" will be changed as fast as congress was in 1994. don't forget, our military is strong and thankfully not controlled by people like yourself. if the majority really thinks we need change, then fine, change it, but it will be short lived as it always is.

    • Your #5 is contradiction. A free society can change direction when the majority decide to do what is right and decide to change it, not leave it. Mark it down there is change coming. Now if you don't like the change coming you of course are free to leave.

    • you think sub prime started in 2007? are you kidding me. The problem with sub prime relates to 2005 and 2006 vintage and early 2007 loans. remember, in july 2007, mortgage lending stopped. biggest mistake republicans made was not taking out raines when they had them in their sights in 2004. Bush and mccain sounded this whistle but they let barney frank and chris dodd win as well as members of the congressional black caucus (watch and listen). listen to the fannie and freddie hearings related to the accounting scandal. makes enron look like pocket change. you all need to understand an important point relating to capitalism and America. quite simply, there is a cost to equality. we are paying a tremendous cost right now for equality and egalitarian politics. the lesson learned is as follows: 1.) work for a living, stop the hand outs. 2.) never mix private and public companies. 3.) there is nothing wrong with living in an apartment or renting. 4.) no your own limitations. 5.) understand that we live in a capitalist and free society. if you don't like it, leave.

    • The Repubs. controlled Congress and the presidency from 2000 - 2006. And they did nothing. The debacle that occurred was not caused by action or inaction in the last two years. There is alot of blame to go around, but the main one belongs to greed. Greed of the shareholders of Fannie and Freddie who wanted high returns that only subprimes could provide. Greed of the investors who purchased securities backed by subprimes. The subprime debacle began in 2007, one year after the Democrats controlled Congress. I think it may have been too late to change Fannie and Freddie to avoid the problem

      Yes, Republicans have consistently not provided leadership that have helped the poor. I would say that provides some insight to their priorities.

    • Great.

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