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  • gadder007 gadder007 Nov 15, 2008 8:35 AM Flag

    Whats changed from $12 SP

    You probably don't know that it all started because Schummer, a democrat, let IndiMac fail in favor of his party. This triggered the wave a failures as much as the democratic policies such as 'every american a house' (even those you can't afford it) and the policies around Freddy and Fannie (democrats pushed for relaxing regulations around Freddy/Fannie so those who can't affort still could get a house). After the next 4 years we all will be screwed enough that the favor will return.
    As a business owner I thank you for giving us such a gloom future for voting for a party in favor of increasing cost of labor, so nobody will hire, bail outs of failed companies on the tax payer expense and gives out rebate checks to people not paying taxes. I'd say reality is setting in (with wall street and politics) and people are realizing what they did and what's happening. We will get through the next 4 years, and then real change will come...

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    • "We will get through the next 4 years, and then real change will come... " LOL! let me guess....real change is Palin??? Well I am a Independent which changed my vote when that dumb b^tch hit the Republican ticket. If that the change you are looking for that lets talk about it in 8 years. And even than, no way in hell. But I do give you one thing....maybe she would have time by than to learn the responsibilities of the different branches of the government and could pass a quize to run for president that 6 year old could pass.