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  • freedom_2000_too freedom_2000_too Jan 21, 2009 9:32 AM Flag


    To the MOTLEY FOOL

    Please do not send your promo mail as a blanket response to a personal comment made re. your PRO service solicitation. This kind of impersonal response is counterproductive. If it ever dawns on you (MF) to interact with your customer base in a more dignified manner you might well benefit from it.

    Following the dire results of Million Dollar Portfolio 08, it is an insult for any educated individual, especially MDP subscribers, to receive your PRO service hype with a bogus $500.00 rebate and offer that service at a discounted $1499.00 per year. Your best PR would be to have those who subscribed at the onset of MDP, receive 6-12 months free and maybe the opportunity to recoup their heavy losses incured by following you over the cliff. ( lets no hold our breaths) And if you dare reply (standard MF leitmotiv) no one forced anyone to buy, you deserve having your Foolish headquarters bombarded with rotten tomatoes!

    Why would anyone trust your new PRO service? As per your hype, MDP was supposed to be the cream of the crop and as we all know your subscribers tanked with it. And this thanks to some VERY poor strategy on the part of the foolish Fools, and this quite apart from market conditions.

    Trust me your Foolish hype is your worst enemy, your constant promo mails and the conflictive information between the free newsletters and your paid services does not serve you well or does it entice to continue paying for this mediocre advice. As for those that do, the MF's dire performance has depleted much of their hard earned money and savings when subscribing to the MDP.

    Madoff was thought to be a genius to offer his "privileged clients" 8 -12% return and he tanked because it was unsustainable ( especially in these market conditions) and turned Ponzi to meet his obligations.

    If you are the geniuses you pretend, why don't you create a fund that will outperform the markets, and put your money where your mouth is. Or, does the marketing hype bring you a better bang for your buck?

    Meanwhile refrain from hyping your services that lead to financial demise - we are now entering an "era of responsibility."

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