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  • pmstockscalper pmstockscalper Oct 26, 2010 3:42 PM Flag


    16. Tell me whether you bought anything Gold or Gold-related on this sell off. Right here, right now. That is all that matters. You had your chance to bomb me with emails as to why I had to chase price at Gold $1380. Now it’s my turn. My turn to ask the question, “Are you on the buy here and now? Yes or No?” What did you buy into 1320? Nothing? Prediction of what others will buy to carry your price-chased positions higher, is nothing more than a pipedream. Specific buy action, specific price response action here and now into current weakness, by you, is for winners.

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    • no_mercy1 Oct 26, 2010 6:32 PM Flag

      I bought a small amount of GDX, a fairly large amount of SGGDX, a small amount of gold bullion but have a few orders in for bullion gold and sliver at lower prices. Whether I get them at my price is another story. I'm thinking gold will go to 1250-1300 and silver to 22. Then again, everyone is buying every dip in anything stocks or precious metals.

      Except of course, SFEG.

      But long term one MUST have PHYSICAL gold, silver, plat and pall going forward. I just noticed that the 2nd largest wall street crooks are starting a copper ETF. Once JPM gets into anything, the fraud surfaces.

    • PMS.....about time to go with large growth stocks for the mid term election run-up for 3 months, IMO (look at history)

      shifting some deferred that way, make a little more, been pretty conservative overall this year, time to spread wings a little

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