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  • p.chalos p.chalos Jul 17, 2009 3:07 PM Flag


    mikelikes. You made a claim, back it up with data, or a link to data. Or simply give us an explanation. Thanks.

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    • Coming from you... I'll take that as a compliment.

      Thank you

    • Yawn... you still haven't done your due diligence. Hey, if you want to believe Edgar is always up to date, fine. Use Edgar as your source, take the last few years of insider trading and match it to their PR releases.

      You'll find a real interesting pattern.

      Why do you people always expect everyone to do your work for you????? I'll bet you voted for Obama thinking he'd give you free money too. LOL

    • Amen brother and halleluiah. mikeylikes and new mellenia are stupid bashers without a thought. Or what I this is that they are both the same person using multiple IDs.
      At any case they are both fools.


    • This is not 1976. Edgar is an online database that companies use to report financial data. I am quite sure it does not take months to update, and it has not in any case on any of the stocks that I monitor. 2 business days is what an officer has to report after the transaction. I don't know where you get your data. You may be seeing planned sales or stock options, but they don't always get exercised hence the term option. You have yet to disclose the source of your data. If you are just a sincere honest investor, trying to warn these folks about the big bad wolf, then full disclosure of your source is necessary, not just some throwtogether text. If you do not i would likely say you are like many posters on these boards, clueless and bored looking for ___ and giggles.

    • Very funny... let me know when you actually finish the research I suggested and publish your findings here.

      I'd be interested in how you could possibly twist the results into anything other than what I've stated.

      That's a dare... impress me!

    • Wow you must think I live on this board. Sometimes I don't check it for months...

      Anyway, I answered on the other thread. Basically, you can find it any of the normal places? Don't you guys have brokerage accounts?

      Here is the quick and dirty copy paste (at bottom) since last september. If you dig a little deeper ( I can't do everything for you ), you'll find records of even the planned sales going through.

      Now I've been following this stock for a few years, so you newbies will need to do a little DD and match up the sales with the press releases. You will notice a pattern. NOTE: A pattern does not mean it happens within exactly 1 sec of each other.

      Now look at the price chart, the actual planned sales turned into real sales as soon as there was a spike up.

      In other words, they sell into their own rally and drop the price back down. Remember with this stock, the volume they sell is almost the complete volume for the year... lol

      Insider Transaction History
      Date Name-Position Transaction Shares Price Range ($) Shares Held Mkt Value
      7/1/09 Klein Norman Paul I...
      Officer Sale 350,000 -- – -- -- $10.5 K
      5/22/09 Klein Norman Paul I...
      Chief Operating Officer Purchase 641,720 0.02 – 0.02 12,241,200 $9.6 K
      4/9/09 High Performance Ed...
      Officer Planned Sale 107,436 -- – -- -- $1.6 K
      3/31/09 Wong Keith
      Unknown Planned Sale 54,800 -- – -- -- $1.1 K
      3/13/09 Dembinski Leo Josep...
      Director Purchase 69,816 0.02 – 0.02 4,100,000 $1.0 K
      2/25/09 Klein Norman Paul I...
      Chief Operating Officer Purchase 500,000 0.02 – 0.02 12,882,900 $8.0 K
      2/10/09 Klein Norman Paul I...
      Officer Planned Sale 788,098 -- – -- -- $15.0 K
      1/1/09 Dembinski Leo Josep...
      Director Planned Sale 1,000,000 -- – -- -- $25.0 K
      12/30/08 Wong Keith
      Chief Executive Officer Sale 1,800,000 0.02 – 0.02 50,640,200 $36.0 K
      12/10/08 Wong Keith
      Chief Executive Officer Planned Sale 1,200,000 -- – -- -- $30.0 K
      12/8/08 Wong Keith
      Chief Executive Officer Stock Gift 5,000,000 0.00 – 0.00 50,640,200 $0.0
      Klein Norman Paul I...
      Officer Planned Sale 428,700 -- – -- -- $9.0 K
      11/20/08 Wong Keith
      Chief Executive Officer Purchase 1,500,000 0.02 – 0.02 50,640,200 $30.0 K
      11/14/08 Klein Norman Paul I...
      Chief Operating Officer Purchase 1,125,000 0.02 – 0.02 12,842,300 $22.5 K
      10/29/08 High Performance Ed...
      Officer Planned Sale 49,284 -- – -- -- $1.5 K
      10/17/08 Klein Norman Paul I...
      Officer and Director Purchase 723,114 0.06 – 0.06 11,766,600 $43.4 K
      9/18/08 Klein Norman Paul I...
      Chief Operating Officer Award of Options 4,002,000 0.03 – 0.03 12,489,700 $120.1 K
      Klein Norman Paul I...
      Chief Operating Officer Purchase 503,300 0.03 – 0.03 12,489,700 $15.1

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      • Oh and if Wenda goes thru... how much stock in it are you getting?

        What? you don't have any info on that? The best you can do is figure out how many outstanding shares of EBIG you are vs the percent they will distribute to shareholders vs the number of EBIG shares you own. BUT you don't know Wenda's proposed market cap, number of shares in the IPO, etc etc etc etc.

        So, when all the multi-million dollar shareholders get $10 in Wenda shares... then what?

        Why would Norm sell EBIG shares instead of waiting for Wenda and selling the IPO shares? Think about it... EBIG will still own a lot of Wenda. They are only distributing a small portion of shares to shareholders. Why would he sell EBIG which is basically double selling (EBIG and Wenda).

        Hmmm... maybe because selling Wenda won't net him enough to pay the rent.

        Come to your own conclusions, do the DD on this stock for the last few years (not 6 months) and quit being so lazy.

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