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  • tyler165 tyler165 Mar 7, 2010 12:08 PM Flag

    Last Day to get Tsingda dividend March 10th


    This Wednesday, March 10th, is the last day to buy EBIG to get Tsingda dividend. I feel Tsingda is the strongest of all EBIG I expect Mon-Wed of this next week to be strong days for EBIG. It is good to see Tsingda moving so quickly in EBIG's IPO process.

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    • with more stock dividend on the rock, I bet the target will be $1.00.

      but by technical analysis, the short term down trend has to be stopped by 0.14, if opening 0.14, cluster of previous peak at 0.12 will be a strong support. But short term sharp rally will be out of hope.

      i just hold very little for this share. Awaiting to see what it will turns out for this funny week.

    • March 15th, not the 10th

    • I consider Tsingda best of class so far, When you look at EDU, CAST, CEU, you get a feel for its potential. I think Tsingda could be a $10-$20 stock in a year or two. take care..

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      • Have you calculated how much you could get out of 600,000 shares of IPO on each share of EBIG?

        600,000 shares * $10 (IPO price assumed) /143.4 MM outstanding shares= $0.04184 How do you sell this small number of shares in the future?

        Besides, do you know the earning structure of EBIG?

        How much can this company make on each case after paying all the officers' compensation and the expenses involved including auditing, due diligence, investment bankers, SEC attorney, etc.?

        The market cap now is around $26 million. Let's just give them 8X PE ratio, which is around what GS is holding. 26/8=3.25

        Can this company make over $3 million this year?

        I would like those strong buy people give me your opinion, please!!!!

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