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  • gregedward62 gregedward62 Jan 7, 2013 1:06 PM Flag

    selling at this price

    just don't understand why anyone would sell at these levels.

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    • 1.9+ million shares short for over a year. Average 60k/day shares bought to maintain per the 30 day rule if enforced. Because the shorts maintained at 1.9+ million shares over a year means the short when covering 60k turns around and shorts 60k. This is if there is no other buying and selling except shorting and covering. Combine the days to cover and that 60k/day average increases in correlation to normal trading volume and price. Some sophisticated software being used to maintain that consistent short of 2 mil at all price levels and volume changes IMO.

    • markkoshinski Jan 7, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

      guys guys... guys.wake up and smell the chicken in the pot.... those who buy and sell at these levels are the day traders thank you very much...

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      • The chicken is in the pot.... #$%$... get him out... he eats the seeds and leaves the hulls in the pot... hard to get it out...... smelly chicken in the pot again........but day traders you say..... hmmmm those stink'en day trades better not be in the pot as well............

        Seriously some volume and price swing today, with little to show for it...... maybe we should put those day traders in a boiling pot......

        Oh how... nothing to get huffy about, just making small talk....the Qs man....waiting... thank you very much.

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    • with you on that one as well greg, but who knows, it is small cap and big firms can play their games with them if they wanted to, and at this price, I just wonder why a big utility would not step in and pick it up with pocket change for them.... or is nami right and HTM is a loser... NOT........

      As posted there is a lot of good news on geothermal out there, so not worried, just waiting for Q3/4 2012.... then Q1.2013, which should give us a very clear picture of the future, IMO.

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      • A "big" utility won't buy because HTM is a holding company, and the vitality of holding companies like US Geothermal depends on management. So PacificCorp or PG&E or one of the regional players like Idacorp, Avistacorp, and Portland GE have no interest in the risk of owning HTM outright.

        What you would see is what you have seen. One, a utility company purchases the energy from US Geothermal. Or, two, a company partners with US Geothermal on a specific project.

        If anyone would buy HTM outright, it would be Chevron.
        And Wells Fargo would also be involved somehow. Chevron produdes more geothermal energy across the globe than anyone. John Stumpf, the CEO of Wells Fargo sits on Chevron's board.

        The question is, why speculate over a takeover? If you like the company and respect the management, and if you are right, then you'll want the share price to fall. Because you will make money in the long run. Just be sure of the business. Absolutely sure.

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