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  • namigirl1984 namigirl1984 Mar 10, 2013 5:05 PM Flag

    another ? for the eternal optimists to ignore addressing much less answering

    Never to date have any of the persistent optimists answered the question: why the stock price now about 1/6 of it's post-2008 closing high of $1.93 (June 2008).

    So let's transition to a more contemporary-related query.

    About 13 months ago, when San Emidio was mired in the non-commercially operational limbo thanks to SAIC, and none of the 3 Neal modules were anywhere near close to completion, HTM closed near its interday high of $.71.

    Today it trades at less than half that amount.

    Who among the ever-posting pumpers will alas venture to explain this obvious disconnect?

    In sum, here just but one question to answer, as opposed to multiple ones directed previously to the likes gems, who responded to those arguably 'inconvenient' queries by stating that 'he wasn't going to provide any answers,' or words to that effect. As if hiding from many obvious negative circustances would make the problems with HTM go away. Interesting mindset.

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    • Honestly, there's no way someone would spend this much time over a long period on this stock bashing it without being paid. There must be an ulterior motive.

    • • The stock is 30.7 percent higher today than it's 52 week low.
      • The fact that the stock is currently trading at half the value it was at prior to SE and NHS coming on line points to how undervalued this stock is and why it is likely to leap in value once a full year of profits are recognized on the books.
      • Nami, I didn't say I wouldn't answer you. I said, "I don't owe you anything," which is still true. I also pointed out the charade you are engaged in, pretending to be a long.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It doesn't take alot to move a low volume stock, like HTM, up or down or keep it trading sideways. Take a look at the volume a year ago Feb. It traded 30 something thousand shares one day in the low .60s and then 900,000 when she began to drop. You can manipulate a rise with small trades and sell decent volume of stock during that period. Watch the time and sales, it will prove it. Pump and Dump is too strong a term I.M.O. for that run but manipulated money management is not.

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      • Have to give all due 'credit' to you and your 'fellow' (no intended 'exclusionary' insult to any female shareholders!) perpetual apologists for the ever malperforming share price and correlatively the totally inept HTM management. For no matter how miserably the company performs, you folks always have another lame excuse to offer up.

        Sorry, but your 'trading volume explanation hardly begins to suffice to tell us why the stock now trades at less than 50% of its Feb. 2012 interday high, why the current stockprice is about 30% BELOW the lowest price it plunged to during the darkest of days in 2008 ($.44), and so on. No need here to repeat the pethora of previously posed critical questions that not a single persistently determined 'defender' of HTM management has ever sought to answer 'in any way, shape or manner.'

        Such continued 'silence' speaks volumes.

        Come on, accept reality. Management outfits like those at HTM that regularly remain 'silent' (markie) or otherwise engage repeatedly in 'information obfuscation' do for a reason- and that invariably being that they both lack probity and even a modicum of competence, IMO.

        And yet when those corporate dolts announce the likes of a recent receipt of about $1 mil from the feds, you cheer like all 'get out., as in espousing that 'investment return nirvana' is just around the corner. Right! $1 mil, that's a real 'game changer,' isn't it? And just how long have some of you been spouting off, exclaimig that the day is almost here when shareholders will be rewarded, and commensurately the stock price will soar?

    • Well I'm not any of the people you've meant this for. In fact until this message board I had no clue about SAIC or even Kunz. I got into this stock around November.

      The fact is, from that point I loved the low stock price. Now that's a different story for those who came before me. And my opinion on the naysayers that are on this site isn't all that high. Either they have a hidden vested interest in the stock or the are just people with no life that are striving for attention. When I get done with a stock I leave the board. Why they stay is some weird thing they have to deal with and I get to be amused by, but I digress.

      My thoughts on this are as follows:

      It's geothermal, not many people put much stock in it from the start.
      It's a power plant, they don't build overnight.
      To go with the previous comment not many people have the patience for something like that especially when the stock price fall when a big investor leaves. As our previous replier so mentioned.

      These are my thoughts. And I see the stock going up shortly. But they have been taking their sweet time on reporting their financials.

      But only time will tell. And I am happy so far, though down a grand or so.

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      • redwool.... nice reply.... hang in there things will change... and not optimistically for the better..... a fact..... IMO........of course...

        recycle..... too funny... I tell ya... go up in those hills next to RaftRiver.... pick, dry, and roll a few.....and thanks for investing in HTM...... it needs more stoned out investors... so they will just forget about things and let their investment stash grow into a big bank roll..........

        nami.... I got another job for you seem knowledgable enough for it....... go for it... straighten up the whole crooked business.....

        Job: Position of Executive Director, Geothermal Resources Council

        BY REGION, NORTH AMERICA on March 5, 2013

        Geothermal Resources Council is seeking to fill the position of the Executive Director of the Association, to carry out educational and other services as a public forum for nearly 1,600 GRC members and worldwide corporate interests in geothermal energy development.

        In an announcement of the Geothermal Resources Council, the association announces the opening of the position of the Executive Director of the Association.
        The Geothermal Resources Council is a worldwide non-profit association, “dedicated to development and utilization of clean and renewable geothermal Energy”.

        The Executive Director is to “carry out educational and other services as a public forum for nearly 1,600 GRC members and worldwide corporate interests in geothermal energy development. The GRC is an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), California Corporation.

    • This could be a reason for SP collapse. Many years ago Jeff Siegel the Green chip stock GURU pumped HTM all the way to the moon and then abandoned it. The DOE made some bad loans to several green tech companies that have filed bankruptcy. Green energy is out of favor at this time and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Geothermal is high risk and very expensive to develop and bring online. Natural gas and coal are plentiful and cheap, Even though acid rain is destroying natural habitat world wide. Nobody is interested in geothermal because they can't get high off of it like Marijuana, Monster drink, red bull etc. etc. etc. I think I will burry my head in the sand.

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