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  • wrenn_leaming wrenn_leaming May 24, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    Why You Need To Buy Before 2015!!!!

    One of the biggest reasons you need to buy now is that in 2 years you will see this stock price at about 62 cents a share , now I’m low balln it here, and you may say “Wrenn That’s preposterous!!” wait ..wait… here me out now.. Lets just look at the new plant in Guatemala coming on line in 2 years.. hell will even use math (50 net megawatts or 25 )let’s do 50 because I like bigger numbers . 50mw x 24hrs x 365days * 90% availability=.. gives us a drum roll please ….394, 200 net megawatt Hours and if we are getting paid 145 per hour that means we generate $57,159,000 annually in revenue from that one plant !!!! (if at this point you realized this is more than we are making for all our current plants at max output ,then congratulate yourself ) next you’re going to say but that isn’t profit.. so I’ll break it down a little more, let’s just say that cost to operate this one plant annually will be 4 times the cost of all of last quarters costs. SO For just this plant that would be close. to $25,000,000 . $25mill-$57mill=$32mill profit

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