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  • mannkindman mannkindman Feb 6, 2008 11:32 PM Flag

    Conference Call

    This message is for sucoastdan, jellybean, tees89, and any other naysayers. I posted irrefutable facts on a January 16, 2008 post that summarized the reasons Mannkind will be a huge success. To this date you have not posted one credible argument based on fact. If anyone is interested in hearing the facts right from Al Mann himself, all you have to do is go to then click on "investors", click on Merrill Lynch replay, click on "click here" for webcast, fill out name registration, and click on "launch webcast presentation". Al Mann talked for about thirty minutes and covered every aspect of his therapy. I will give you a couple of highlights that address some of the negative garbage being posted.

    1. They have already done four human tests for up to six months to evaluate lung function. There has been ZERO effect on lung function. He also stated that they have had trials for over 3,000 patients. Some have been on this therapy for FIVE years and still see ZERO effect on lung function.

    2. They did a survey of 425 treating physicians, asking them if you had a therapy that could provide these benifits, would you perscribe that therapy?
    a. no hypoglycemic excursions
    b. no titration necessary
    c. no weight gain because there is no need to snack between meals
    d. no chance of coma during the night
    e. works in 12-14 minutes
    f. works only for three hours which is the time it takes to digest a meal

    The results were, 46% said they would switch all their patients. If only half the diabetics worldwide are on this therepy, you do the math!

    3. Their new 300,000 sq. ft. facility will be completed this year. At full capacity, they can treat 1.8 million patients. That represents 3.5 billion in revenue annually.

    4. They have the best parandial control of any therapy ever.

    5. Al said they expect to have a marketing partner this year. He said they were in serious negotiations with several major players. He said the Exubera and Novo failures have not had a negative effect on ongoing negotiations, because these companies have done their due diligence and realize the superiority and benefits of the Mannkind therapy.

    6. He also stated the cancer trials are progressing, with others about to start. They have also received grants from cancer organizations because of the exciting data from the current trials.

    In summary, for all the skeptics and empty negative posters, spare us your nonsense. If you were smart, you should probably cover your short position and load up long at this bargain basement price. Maybe that was your plan all along. If so, I guess you are smarter than the rest of us that had to see our investment decrease before going to the moon. Al Mann got to where he is today because he is a genius. He didn't invest NINE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN MILLION DOLLARS of his own money without absolute certainty of its huge success!

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    • Another well said post. And as a a few guys saying we're emotional with MNKD, once again it has nothing to do with emotion, it has everything to do with looking at the facts. Suncoast, Jelly, and Vegas, it would be fantastic if you could show some facts instead of the nonsense you guys consistently post.

    • How can sentiment in this stock be so completely opposite? That is what is so hard to understand.

      The smart money says its a winner. But the market says no. On the one hand its hard to believe that Al Mann could make such a huge blunder, but on the other, you have the doctors running scared and avoiding all thoughts relating to this inhalable therapy. Major drug companies bailing. Physicians happy with current treatments.

      Wheres the logic?

      • 1 Reply to gacohen03
      • Most of us that are in,are in for 1 reason and 1 reason only Al Mann.Now come on,is that reason alone willing to take such a major stake?Or was I duped?Seems to me,FDA's starting to feel pinch of recent recall's,and tighting down on clinical trials.This can only hurt.

        Logic,what logic.
        It's all about emotion on this stock.
        I should have known better,emotion can not fill your pockets.It only leaves you sad in the end.

    • very well put. Nothing is ever for certain, but if/when this baby pops, it is going to be one for the record books.

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