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  • jt1550 jt1550 Jan 16, 2013 4:37 AM Flag

    Be very wary of the Telsa Rowe scam

    On the Raging Bull board for a stock xxxx I met TR many years ago.
    He had the same he is using today.
    First he spreads the word around that he is a successful investor. Second he provides the board with scraps of information he picked up here and there in order to gain trust of the board. Third he makes things happen for a week or so to secure the trust of his followers with the help of some mm's he works in conjunction with to lay out the ground work and then he makes his move......... up or down depending on what he perceive to be the sentiment of the board. In the case of xxxx a bio-pharmacy company the president did not any share and never bought one share of the company's stock. While TR was working the board his cohorts were working on management which led to a death spiral financing arrangement with the mm's being paid in extra company share which they had promised not to to dump on the market but some how found its way on the market. With the short position the had taken during the rise of the stock price and financing while his group just laughed their way to the bank and the longs ended up holding the bag. With MNKD the the landscape is different from that of xxxx.. We have a deep pocketed owner and we have actual product not a molecule undergoing FDA tests so I am not sure how he would play this but please have no doubt that he intends to play this to come up ahead leaving most of you wondering how you ever got played.
    Now you know!!!

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    • calvina2 Feb 14, 2013 8:23 AM Flag


      Sentiment: Sell

    • There is no question that telsarowe is here to do some mesaage board manipulation.
      He was bashing Al and MannKind last week and now he's pumping the stock.

      His idiotic video was all for show and tried to make us believe he had $200,000 in that case and that he put the $200,000 into MNKD stock and calls.

      He mispronounced Afrezza in the video even though he claims to have been to the JP Morgan Health Conference in San Francisco the day before. At the conference the name Afrezza and the correct pronunciation would have occurred perhaps over 50 times and it would be very stupid not to remember the right way to pronounce it. In addition, the various web broadcasts have used the proper pronunciation for about 2 years now.

      But I have to admit that there are lots of naive posters on this messaage board that will fall for his slick routine only because they worship Al Mann to a fault. Sad and scary too.

      My guess is he will pump the stock then short it bigtime the next bit of negative news comes out.

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      • Yeah, but you could almost smell the money when he opened the briefcase. LOL
        I don't know if he is a manipulator as much as a sick pup seeking attention with delusion of self importance.

      • Does anyone take him seriously? I can't believe anyone would alter their investment strategies based on anything he or others say on a message board. Are these people narcissists or just plain idiots? Maybe both. They actually think they are important and able to manipulate others.

        I understand the pumpers. They are fueled by emotions of hope and excitement. Some are motivated purely by money. But, the bashers are truly sick people. wanting others to lose so they can win is the sign of a depraved human being with low self esteem. Wanting a drug that can potentially save lives to fail is beyond disgusting. I feel sorry for them. Their constant need for attention is sad. The immaturity is amazing.

      • Telsa Rowe one can be completely credited with the 4000% pump of htds and its 99% drop shortly thereafter. Nuff said.

        Sentiment: Buy

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