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  • charles_lacy2003 charles_lacy2003 Feb 21, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

    the shorts have step in big now. this is a weak biotech


    nothing to offer but a dream affrezza will be approved

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    • Since MNKD got overhyped the last few weeks, thanks to the former bashers and his white shoe gang members it's time to point out some interesting thoughts about the PPS and Al.

      - there is a possibility that Al dies in this or following years !?
      And this overseen fact could lead to a huge selloff. Like it or not a nearly 90 year old CEO is more of a burden than helpful for the company. (2 CRL's and counting, massive dilution in the past) While he pumped the stock and mentioned minimal dilutive financing options

      - massive dilution is under way
      All the pumpers price targets are null and void. Don't dream about $50 like DNDN. Just count all the shares that are heading to MNKD... 400m or more??

      - no partnership in 2013 and not likely in 2014
      like Hakan and Al said, the old Mann want to do this on his own. He said he doesn't need a partner. He will produce in his own factory. So he does not need any partners anymore

      - no big buyers
      If the pumping monkeys here on the board think they can pump the stock price then they are bloody rookies.
      Nobody cares about the 550 shares bought by the average Joe. Since EXUBERA was a massive financial flop, huge investors are not willing to lose big money again. It's simple psychology.

      - This is now a daytrading stock
      5 cents up and down every few days keeps the daytraders happy. Expect more pumping and bashing.

      - mediocre trail results
      Besides the pumping of this afrezzauser guy, who cannot be trusted IMO, nobody really knows about the data and nobody knows if the results will be good or bad.

      - Another CRL or FDA rejection
      Since the trail data are the make or break criteria for Afrezza, it is possible that the huge hedgefunds players and big pharma boys will not allow Afrezza to be approved. EVER. So approval is everything else than a sureshot.

      - you are playing against the best
      Sharks, hedgefunds, ... don't expect to get rich, while playing with the big boys. They know what they are doing and have the information edge.

      But if you still decide to go long and put your money on red, sure do it. But don't gamble with money which you cannot afford losing.
      Good luck.

      Sentiment: Sell

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