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  • afrezzauser afrezzauser Apr 22, 2013 8:07 PM Flag

    Comment on the diabetic forum

    I made a post on a diabetic forum and had lot of good responses. Opc came on there and started creating a disturbance and this is why I left that board as diabetics do not need a drama queen OPC who does not belong there as he is not a diabetic. There were 2-3 posters that immediately questioned the benefit because their A1Cs are in 5s or low 6s. I will tell you guys this that fora diabetic to have an a1c in the 5s today means that they count every carb and plan every meal way ahead of time. They spend hours a day calculating meals and carbs. Yes these people if happy with that should keep doing what they are doing. I will say that non compliance is so high with diabetics is because many get sick of dealing with the disease. I am sorry but if I can live life without trying to plan every meal 2 hours early and every snack and without the worries of lows and not counting carbs I will take that route. The point of me living with Afrezza was that it worked like my pancrese so how can anyone say that something is better that does not mimic your pancrese is beyond me. This same people are stuck in old school and think about themselves only as why would you turn down a new treatment that especially helps kids. What diabetic parent would ever give your kid a needle and insulin and say here manage your disease and achive a good a1c. It would be suicide. Once the phase 4 trials are done on kids as soon as 4 years old it will speak for itself. For some reason he thinks I am upset about 2-3 people not welcoming me with open arms..Who told this guy I need to be welcomed. The people I wanted to reach got the message and now its time to move onto bigger and greater things as dealing with people like OPC is annoying and mentally cumbersome. I tell you today as Al Mann even said that you can achieve a great a1c but still have deadly spikes after meals and lows. So in reality all these people saying i got an A1C of 5s would like to see numbers on a dexcom monitor.

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