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  • gpmnkd gpmnkd Apr 23, 2013 7:00 AM Flag


    quiet mnkd no news no up dates maybe thinks aren't going so well. they allways would give up dates

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    • jstokcton Apr 23, 2013 8:54 AM Flag

      You just need to relax. The next thing you will here is how much money they are losing (which is normal), then the trials will start to end, then the top line data will be released. Don't expect any NEWS from MNKD until then. DO expect more hit pieces on the way, that is the norm for AFREZZA. If you do your own research, you'll see that AFREZZA will be approved. If you start to examine the hit pieces that are out there, you will see that the authors are just trying to bring the stock down. They cut and choose small amounts of information for there benefit.

      I would like them to write an article about how the FDA asked MNKD to do studies on small children!!! If there wasn't a chance that AFREZZA would be approved why on earth would they ask MNKD to do that??? I know that there are a lot of higher powers out there trying to keep AFREZZA down, but not this time. Buy more at this price, once it hits $5, it will shoot up to $8 and never come down. By spring next year – $20 - minimum, then Mann will partner up with Big Pharma for $35.

      This is the goose who is laying the golden egg. They will have a lock on diabetes medication in 2-3 years, wiping any other competitor. Then it will go world-wide!!! It's become very obvious with all the information that is out there.

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    • Go back to school and learn to write.

    • Company announced quarterly meeting and also said expect data in August. Which part of that didn't you understand? You are impatient, nuts or both. YOU are AWFUL. If you're in such a hurry take your money somewhere else instead of getting all negative around here.

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