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  • ron_paulsonjr ron_paulsonjr May 3, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    Need your Opinion, I lost lot of money in AVEO, thinking to buy MNKD

    I lost 25k in AVEO, I have sold everything on AVEO. Now I am thinking to buy MNKD, what your advice on this one. I can re-coup my money by buying MANNKIND. I was reading this board, mostly everybody thinking this will go to $8 by beginning of next year, is that what your expectation too? Need your sincere opinion

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    • Thank you very much for all of you and good luck. I have already invested 50% of my rollover IRA to buy MNKD, rest of the money I am thinking to invest after the quarterly result and the conference call, may be they have to say something in the conference call.

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      • ron_paulsonjr, On your Aveo. As I mentioned before I don't bother with biotechs until they get their first CRL. I finally had the chance to do my research of Aveo (read through the press releases, Advisory Board minutes, the MB at Aveo and 10Ks). I bought Aveo quickly last week after your post as it was bottoming out and rising. My conclusion is that the FDA will definitely reject Tivo due to the unethical protocols conducted during their trial (you already told me this). But I am up 20% since I bought and may sell just before the FDA rejection of Tivo in July (hopefully I will be up 40%-50% by then).

        To make a long story short, after careful review, I think this will eventually be approved but it will take another trial, possibly another 1 year. I think once I rake in my profit from MNKD I will invest a lot more in Aveo for a 1 year holding period and expect a 100%-200% return. It will get rejected in July and though they have $160M in cash, they will need more. So no rush in investing here but will jump in a lot more in 2014.

      • You're an idiot. *sswipe...50% yeah sure....

    • shandonburney May 6, 2013 9:06 PM Flag

      Bios can be quick money if they get approved. MNKD has potential but there are other stocks out there that are great. I have a small position in MNKD, but I do like them. A company I like also is DDD it's a 3d printing company who's CEO founded 2D printing in the 90s. This stock is also being upgraded to the S&P too. With any company you should do a lot of research before investing. Good luck.

    • Despite what others on this board may say and despite the fact that their ongoing trials look promising, MNKD is nothing more than gamble. This company has few assets, if any. They have barely made a dime since inception, and they have lost on average over 165 million dollars a year for the past three years. Even if their drug gets approved, it will take years for them to make back that money. You have the same likelyhood of making money off this hyped up stock as you do losing a significant portion of your investment. Nobody knows for sure whether or not their drug will be approved. What is it they say about a fool and his money?

    • This stock is going in only one direction... up. Around the time phase 3 trials are released it will most likely double, possibly even triple. If phase 3 trials are successful, this stock will be in the teens.

    • jstokcton May 3, 2013 11:16 AM Flag

      This will be $8 by fall. Next spring it will be in the teens.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Adam Feuerstein recommended Aveo. 3 days before the rejection of the advisory panel, here's what he said:

      On Aveo, Chaudhry recent detailed her reasons why Thursday's panel will vote to recommend tivozanib's approval. Likewise, I explained why the FDA and panel experts are more likely to vote against tivozanib.

      Adam thinks Afrezza will not be approved. The guy is a nut case.

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