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  • byecell byecell May 22, 2013 7:32 AM Flag

    afrezza vs insulin

    I have read different articles, some saying afrezza has already been shown to be superior to insulin and just the device was in question and others saying it has not. Which is it?

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    • technically afrezza is inhalable insulin. the fda approved and wanted to see the device used in the last pIII.........."during the trial -switch".......then they "changed their minds", as Al put it. he also muttered during the last c.c. "and that's another thing". big pharma insulin patents fall off 2014.....conspiracy? dont know.the trading scandel was scientist working for the fda was inside trading with his relatives......jan 2011 huge drop in pps one day....gave me that clue before it was evidential. and then there were people like oppie(opc11).....who whined and landed a law suit compensary for Als wording in 2011. all Al said though ,twice i heard, "Afrezza will be approved eventially"...............JMHO

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    • Device.

      Read some of the older articles, especially regarding the CRL they received after their last FDA submission. It was "officially" due to the change in the device that the application was rejected.

      The conspiracy theorists will say it was because of the insider trading scandal that was occurring in the FDA at the time, coupled with pressure from Martin Shkreli.

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    • Device.

    • kevin-kleinheider1 May 22, 2013 7:39 AM Flag


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