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  • pensivepop pensivepop Aug 22, 2013 8:39 AM Flag

    The Truth about finding a partner

    You can see that the rumor mill is already in full progress on this board and it is really very silly if you remove what you would like to hear from what reality tells us will be the case. When it is publicly announced that we have hired a professional firm to process the would-be buyers (assuming we already have had a few bites) it creates a negative in the stock watching game but that is nobody's fault, it is human nature. This will take a little time, perhaps even a few months to do a complete analysis, select the best offer and then tie down the specifics. In the meantime the doubters, the shorts and even the well-intentioned shareholders will be protesting each passing day with negative comments as to why it didn't happen "yesterday" and speculating that any delay means they can't find a partner and the whole world will be crumbling down. Professional ethics require confidentiality in such matters as this and so the shouts will be loud as the impatience wears thin in the waiting process. I promise you it will be subject material here for as long as it takes and my response is, "If they need time to choose between offering firms who relish the idea of becoming our partner then so be it because it means we will be getting the cream of the crop. When the announcement is made you will see a price jump in our stock price that will several times the rise you witnessed when the results were recently announced. Good luck to all of you.

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    • Could not agree more. There are far too many investors who seem to believe that negotiating a strategic partnership deal is about as complicated as flipping on a light switch when, in reality it is one of the more complex processes that one can undertake in business. Actually, when you consider the complexities of infrastructure that are necessary in order to have a working light switch, the analogy is not that bad, but I doubt that people are thinking about it in quite that way.

      A solid partnership under favorable terms and conditions should do wonders for the long-term success potential here, as well as causing a rather dramatic increase in the share price. The only things necessary for shareholders here are conviction and patience.

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    • I will wait and thank you

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