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  • kevinmik kevinmik Aug 24, 2013 9:30 AM Flag

    August 29th Conversion Date

    It will be a telling sign what happens on the 29th based off of what Deerfield does or doesn't do with their option to convert Tranche #1 $40 million note into Mannkind shares. If Deerfield believes like all us longs do that the current stock price in the mid $5's is way under valued and its being manipulated, they can step in to execute their conversion option and get 6 million shares of Mannkind in the low $6's, which while it may be slightly below the current market price it will send a strong message that Deerfield is supporting and believes in Mannkind's future. Deerfiled's decision to convert their note at a price slightly above the current market price next Thursday will send a strong message about Mannkind's future, it will crush the shorts, stop the manipulation and I expect Mannkind's stock price will immediately react positively to the news and start climbing well above Deerfields conversion price. If Deerfield converts in the low $6's and the stock price moves quickly just to get back to the August 14th intraday high in the mid $8's or pre-market price close to $9, Deerfield would see a 50% return on the conversion and they can then resell their shares in the open market. Sounds like a winning strategy, so lets see if Deerfield believes next Thursday is the right time and a good time to convert and send a message.

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    • Kevin,
      I like the way you think but Deerfield is a vulture and like the tax people they will strip pounds of flesh when they are here to help.
      Hopefully some BP with an army of people qualified to assess the data from the trials (unlike the hacks of WS) will make a move soon. A libel suit from MNKD against those that have publicly and blatantly accuse the company of lying about the results, would also be effective as a deterrent that stops that movement in its tracks.
      Understandably, MNKD must be careful not to say things that could disappoint the FDA but by not responding to the printed accusations they are allowing doubts to crop up.

    • i dont think deerfield would sell until either partnership announcement , fda approval or buyout ! they are w MNKD till the end !

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