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  • ajohn32 ajohn32 Sep 22, 2013 7:05 AM Flag

    It has now been 39 days since MNKD released Phase 3 data and still no partner...HOWEVER

    The groundbreaking discovery from pfg_01 regarding Afrezza's ability to cure both diabetes and most forms of cancer (and quite possibly Hepatits) may shed some light on WHY no public announcement of a partnership has been made yet.

    With Afrezza's ability to cure cancer, I believe partnership talks HAVE been occurring with MULTIPLE parties, and I envision a scenario where at least a dozen companies end up "sharing the wealth":

    1. Merck
    2. Sanofi Aventis
    3. Proctor and Gamble
    4. NASA
    5. Audubon Society
    6. Eli Lilly
    7. Novartis
    8. Roche
    9. General Electric
    10. Gates Foundation
    11. Clinton/Bush Global Fund
    12. Abbott Labs
    13. Weinstein Company
    14. Pfizer
    15. Cleveland Clinic
    16. Johnson & Johnson

    Ideally, the target patient for this groundbreaking, "cure-all" drug would be inflicted with a cocktail of perilous ailments including cancer, diabetes, hepatits C, Avian Bird Flu, scurvey, cataracts and the Gout.

    However, I do think the revolutionary nature of Afrezza will allow it to be used on those patients inflicted with just one of those ailments, which is why so many partners are needed.

    Spread the word, folks. This is an exciting day indeed.

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    • You have been annoying for a long time but your deteriorating brain damage has reduced you to something worth less than a #$%$ sac. You add nothing here. Time to iggy.

    • Dear Ajohn,

      Before expressing my opinion on matters...I'd like to make a small confession: I'm a new investor to the company and so therefore; don't feel really qualified to make any kind of significant comment,

      Secondly; I'm not a BASHER of any stock and my comments are sprinkled throughout Yahoo's board. I think I'm pretty reasonable and objective.........but that doesn't mean everyone agrees with my POV. Also, I use my REAL NAME.

      That being said, I think your comments are pretty straightforward and reasonable and I hope that they come true because..........such things can change the world.

      I'm only guessing here, but I think in spite of it being "39 days and no partner".........something (like You) is up. Attorneys, big $$$ men, a CEO who is what............ 87 and a billionaire who maybe...just maybe wants his "swan song" to be a legacy to his name? On the would appear so.

      Yet....there are bashers galore EVERYWHERE who would rather invest hatred ,stupidity and semi intelligence (a.k.a. misinformation) instead of their money..........probably because they don't have any?

      If I was sitting at a roundtable....I would want (before committing any big $$$) to know as much as possible. Then as Ronald Reagan (who I HATE) would say: "Trust....but verify". In other words...........TIME and PATIENCE will capre diem.

      YOU SIR.....see the big picture here. I only wish there were others who see your vision instead of commenting "day to day" and finding something WRONG.

      I'm on your side and will continue to watch and read what you have to say.

      best to you........Philip

    • Has anyone heard anything about 60 Minutes conducting a "rush" piece on Afrezza, which would air next Sunday? I have some eyes and ears on the ground over at CBS/Viacom who have told me that the multi-illness fighting capabilities of Afrezza has caught the attention of CBS head Les Moonves.

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