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  • vcppaddler vcppaddler Oct 2, 2013 9:02 PM Flag

    Budget/Debt Ceiling

    I am seriously considering selling everything prior to an impasse over raising the debt ceiling. I will then buy back in at much lower prices. Anyone have thoughts on this?


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    • Upside in this stock in the long run is way higher than the downside due to government incompetence. That being said, they could use the Debt Ceiling as a bargaining chip and it could get real close to the deadline. The market will accelerate it's deterioration as we get closer to Oct 17th. The market and american people will put pressure on them for a deal - and a deal will occur. Neither side wants a default, it is too damaging. Also, keep in mind, we are expecting an NDA submission announcement in the middle of this chaos. Who knows how this will go with FDA furloughs. MNKD may delay the submission and simply announce the package is ready to submit. This will push the stock higher, but maybe not as high if the battle in Washington was not going on. Selling is always an option and is the perfectly safe bet. But, if you believe in this stock long-term, I would use it as a buying opportunity in the coming days. As soon as a deal is announced, the market, and MNKD pops.

    • What about the tax consequences?

    • The market is forward looking and the debt ceiling is old news. This is already factored into the market. This will be resolved quickly, and there will be no collapse to allow a cheaper buy back. JMO

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      • I disagree. I don't think the market has in any way factored in a US default on its debt. If you sell you may risk a nice pop if the impasse in Congress is resolved. However, the talking heads see this as a runway to things that are really more important to the GOP and its wealthy backers, primarily tax reform... eliminating all capital gains taxes, reducing income taxes, adding a VAT, and reducing Medicare and SS benefits. That's why the consensus is growing that the GOP plan is to use the debt ceiling issue as the real bargaining chip... to the elusive grand bargain both parties talk about. The DEMs just want to wait for a disgruntled public to start to feel the pain and blame the GOP... just like last time. Given election day is so close, any seats in contention would likely go to the DEMs as far as I see it now.

      • If the market is forward looking then FDA approval and partnership should be factored in too. Do you have any clue why the CFO and Chief HR lady dumped over $600k worth of stock at $7.50-$8.00? You think you know more than they do? LMFAO

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