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  • oldfrothingslosh oldfrothingslosh Oct 15, 2013 12:59 PM Flag

    Insurance companies will like Afrezza

    because it is better at reducing A1c levels in type 2 diabetics who are also using generic (cheap) metformin. Better A1c levels equates to fewer complications as the disease and patients age progresses. Lower complications obviously means lower health care costs in the persons lifetime. A1c levels more accurately shows the severity of the individuals disease, and how well they are taking care of themselves over the long run. Last year, the CDC reported that diabetes had more than doubled in the US over the previous 15 years, with many of those new patients being children. Connect the dots. It will become imperative to better control these younger patients glucose levels, or consequently, there will be more complications earlier in life and of course, more cost. Afrezza does that according to the trial results. So, since insurance companies like the improved A1c levels they should like Afrezza. If insurance companies like it, so will physicians. They like to get paid. Why don't all these smart #$%$ analysts and "journalists" investigate and write about the company from an angle like this???

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    • You are right. My company is self insured and they spend a ton of money trying to keep us healthy. They spend more on my diabetes care than required and that includes a discussion every two weeks with a health care professional. This year, by meeting minimum requirements, I was given free testing supplies and 50% reduction on my co-pay for diabetes medication. Looks like the insurance companies and businesses woke up and erealized they could pay now or pay much more later.

    • Of course you are right about the insurance companies love for Afrezza. Those on this board that say to short, they are short, or they just bash MNKD are either short term traders or they represent the insulin needle stick franchise companies to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Afrezza has been a potentially disruptive technology, and with FDA approval the old insulin needle stick franchises know they are going to be disrupted very significantly in their market share losses. I don't think MNKD can be borrowed from normal brokers or online brokers anymore, and that means MNKD is hard for these bashers to actually short MNKD unless they are using puts and naked calls. Hedge funds can probably find shops that can loan shares to them, but the carry price is likely pretty high given the current short interest in MNKD. A lot of these bashers and even article writers are getting some compensation and/or getting their information from those who would attempt to protect the insulin needle stick franchises.

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