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  • paul_gathua paul_gathua Oct 17, 2013 7:22 AM Flag

    They called me 'resident basher' at AMRN after called it a$2 stk in July now they wish they listened!

    MNKD will be next..Sad but true... $5.37 now but going back to $2.50 before long and that will still be bloated..

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • So why don't you give us a cogent, detailed analysis for your point of you instead of simply making a proclamation. Include in your assessment a refutation, backed by facts, of all the reasons why those supportive of Afrezza are wrong. I believe a good starting point would be a post on the board yesterday that laid out the key reasons why Afrezza will be a success. Include in your analysis an assessment of the market (including market growth, segmentation etc.), Afrezza's potential positioning in that market, the consumer and any unmet needs, the competitive set, product advantages/disadvantages, barriers to entry, pricing, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, etc.Thank you in advance for your detailed analysis. Feel free to include other key factors I may have missed.

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      • LMFAO at you and the other lying PUMPERS putting the cart in front of the horse. This "drug" won't even be approved by the FDA, so all this jibber-jabber about market share and medicare reimbursement (which pumpers don't want to touch, mind you) is nothing but pie-in-the-sky, speculative conjecture.

      • He can't and won't because he has no argument other than "it's over valued." He's just another inbred,kiddie porn addicted, female pantie wearing dufus shorter who thinks what he says on a message board matters. And comparing AMRN to MNKD is something only a person who lacks any intelligence would do. It's always best to put these people on ignore and listen to those who actually back up their arguments with facts, not fear.

    • I've been telling these Manniac cult members the same thing, but only a few of them have listened.

      The story here is that many "longs" (kevinmik, pfg, maestro, eldercareattorney etc.) nare actually shorts in disguise.

      It's disgusting...

    • $1.2 billion valuation is nuts..been bashing this since it was $8...on campaign to save retailers from being ripped off

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