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  • kevinmik kevinmik Oct 25, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    A Buyout Is Still Possible !

    Mannkind would continue its good work as a subsidiary company under the umbrella of the acquiring company. Sanofi's partnership model focuses exactly this way by keeping well run company's they acquire continuing as subsidiary company's within the Sanofi Family.

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    • why not

    • ok .$ 18.56

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    • Another excellent point Kevin. I would think a company like Sanofi would want to lock out all competitors for both Afrezza and Technosphere. They would pay a HUGE $ but this would be easily recaptured by big down stream revenue for years to come. If this was the case, Sanofi would have a vitual monopoly on the diabetes market. It makes great sense and I just don't believe that Al Mann wants to continue on---and on, directing MNKD into the future---hey, he may be the Energizer Bunny but he's a 88 year old bunny.

    • Kevin, as much as I do enjoy reading your posts, I feel like you are losing it. A buyout is still possible? Well no #^@% man anything is possible as they haven't said what they are doing yet. Come in more facts and less assumption.

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      • mrmrsjiveturkey, I agree with you that they haven't said anything about 'buyout'. However, the buyout may not be outright but part of a partnership deal. E.g. "Big pharma partners with MNKD and will invest $1B upfront cash for 10% stake in MNKD (subject to FDA approval of Afrezza)". This leads to Al's exit strategy through a sale (which is his M.O.). This allows a lower pps valuation now and higher pps later pending sales data of Afrezza. Once sales history is available, they can make a tender offer for the rest of MNKD. This is often how successful partnerships evolve in the pharma industry. Sometimes the drug doesn't meet expectation and the partner walks away and sells their stake. The expectation of course is Afrezza will be a big success and a new valuation will be calculated sometime after launch.

      • The fact is Sanofi has purchased company's and converted them into subsidiary company's under their umbrella. Another fact is Mannkind hired an Investment Bank Greenhill who specializes in M&A deals and that leaves the door open for an M&A deal to involve Mannkind. Lastly this is a message board who's function is to allow the sharing of facts, allow for speculating as to what may happen and offer opinions. If you are only looking for facts, I suggest you don't visit message boards and just wait for the company to issue a press release. You can always ignore what you don't like.

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