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  • g_noh g_noh Oct 30, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    Everything Is on Track

    Trials were supposed to be completed in May and June. Done precisely on schedule.
    Results were supposed to be reported in mid-August. Reported August 14th.
    Application was supposed to be re-filed by mid-October. It was refiled October 14th.
    FDA decision was anticipated by mid-April. PDUFA date is April 15th.

    SO, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM???? The stock's been up and down and all over the place since the beginning of the year. It's soared on no news and plunged in response to good news. There's obviously some nonsense going on, flagellated by shorts and ridiculous stuff published by motley fool, thestreet, summer street, etc, At the end of the day, none of this will matter.

    If we should have learned anything to date, it's ignore all the noise and hold steady.

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    • uncle.bigs? so your guess is the $600 million loan was based on "cherry picked" representation of the whole picture? The real question is How BIG a fool is UncleBigs?

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    • Contrary to false posts, Diane Polumbo's last trade dated 8/22 was to acquire 9K in shares and 50K in Options. Read the Form 4 dated 8/29/2013.. lmfao uncle tizzy

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    • the problem is none of that matters if they can't secure a partnership. and on that front, they've told us (multiple times) their timeline (which has been revised more than I care to recall) for a partnership. this time, if they don't sign one before approval, they are then pushing back sales and will have lost what remaining credibility they still have.

      pretty simple.

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      • Management is hanging on to the thinnest shred of credibility in your eyes, but yet you are still here like a case of herpes that just won't go away. What a moron!

        Do yourself, and more importantly real longs, a favor and sell your shares (as if you have any) and leave for good. There are thousands of stocks out there you can buy. Why settle for MNKD when a genius such as yourself can do so much better?!

        You are smarter and more capable than Al Mann aren't you? I mean what has that guy ever accomplished in his life?! (note the heavy sarcasm as I mock you opc!) How does it feel to be the village idiot?

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      • Bro, if they can't sign a partnership soon it's because there is some doubt about the data and eventual FDA approval. We don't see the actual data. We get spoonfed management's cherry picking of the data. Any partner will want all the data. If they're spooked by what they see, you should be too. Don't wait around trying to figure out why no partnership and why Diane Palumbo dumped 66,849 shares at $7.50.

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