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  • pfg_01 pfg_01 Jan 5, 2014 2:49 PM Flag

    Changes in shorts behaviour confirm MNKD is an excellent long term investment

    This year, during MNKD's stock strong run-up to release of positive phase 3 trial results, those that were paying attention were able to observe multiple SHORT raids coordinated with release of one or more articles. Then following the release of the P3 data, we were able to observe the SHORT manipulators push the stock sharply downward; once more coordinated with the release of multiple articles. So how does this now help out the LONGS?

    The thing is, anyone that looks at MNKD's stock chart, and has followed the release of news on the stock, will quickly notice that since MNKD has filed the NDA resubmission of Afrezza, there has been no subsequent attempts by SHORTS to manipulate the stock. Certainly this last week would of presented a prime opportunity for a major SHORT manipulation of the stock. All they would of had to do was release one or more articles claiming the 74 day letter must contain negative news. However, this did not occur.

    So why would the manipulators NOT take advantage of such a prime opportunity to drive MNKD's stock down? There can be only one answer. THEY ARE AFRAID. While LONGS certainly do not have very high opinions of the unethical tactics used by the SHORT manipulators, we should not let that make us think they are dumb. They know exactly what they are doing, and just like LONGS are very well aware of the risks involved in what they do.

    With such SMALL reward ratios provided to SHORTS, and the risks so great since the NDA refiling of a partnership announcement at any time... the SHORT manipulators have had to pull back in out right fear. That has led to a very stable stock price since the NDA refilling in mid October. So what has occurred is the SHORTS are acknowledging by changes in their own behavior patterns that: MNKD will sign a partner, will obtain FDA approval, and the stock price will significantly increase leading up to these events.

    So thank you SHORTS for confirming what LONGS have always known...

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