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  • mikesmilitaria mikesmilitaria Mar 24, 2014 12:47 PM Flag

    A week away and a weak rise

    I didn't think we would be witnessing this level of (non) activity. I thought we would be in the $10.00 range by now---certainly higher than the PPS before the last CRL. It is rather strange and disconcerting.

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    • Mike,
      Deerfield = ATM. That's what is holding the price in place. It was announced a while back so it should not be such a surprise. The shorts need do nothing unless they get nervous.

    • market cap is much higher than prior to last CRL but so are the shares.

    • After what I saw last week....I am not surprised. Shorts know that even if approved, there will be 6 months for them to exercise their withering relentless manipulation; well, unless there truly is a partner just waiting backstage. They also knew there was no partnership announcement they knew is open for debate, but they acted with absolute boldness since the AdCom was announced, if not before.

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      • this is not a binary event for me.......washed those thoughts from my head. i'm now thinking "capital gains' for 2015 taxes:) ......i'm done swing trading mnkd. this event could be like avnr a few years back when pps climbed to $3 then 1/2 hour before fridays bell close it fell to $1 then approved and up to $4. or vnda......adcom was already priced into pdufa, after pdufa it ran from $13 to $10 to $18. or how about chtp.....same thing adcom priced into pdufa and has really gone nowhere since. so only the guys in the "know" can play hard......i'll buy extra on any opportunity....but without an order the chuck norris jokes.....i'll just wait and won't sleep.JMHO

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    • chtp did the same behavior prior to adcom and sold off with the briefing notes. but 3 days later after the adcom went from 2.20 to 6.

    • Keep in mind that Ameritrade, E-Trade, Scotttrade et al raised their margin requirements effectively forcing many shares to be dumped back into the market. Share price is doing fine but I do expect a bear attack at some point before Tuesday.

    • I would be very disappointed at this point if a partner had already been announced. I still think the big three catalysts will get the SP well into the teens after the 3 have transpired.

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    • now one can see the side effect of high dilution over the last few years

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      • oh i can......oppie. you're a real knuckle brain....aren't you :) 5-10 billion market cap equates to future pps of $12.50 to $25....then add zero cost insulin to growth for the first few years.....and whamo!!! got myself a GROWTH stock :) you are really the biggest idiot-basher on this the board.....QUEEN OPPIE. lol. JMHO

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    • I actually like the fact the stock is not running up ahead of news and with no news. This is a sign the stock is being controlled and shorts have been unable to influence the price. I am waiting for the stock to move to happen based on real news which will begin to come out this Friday if the FDA posts the Briefing Docs and definitely by April 1st. $6 is a good launching point to get the stock at or above $10 by 4/1, in the low $ teens upon FDA approval and the big move will come with Mannind finally announces their long awaited partnership deal or buyout.

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      • jstokcton Mar 25, 2014 11:00 AM Flag

        I like the fact we will not get the giant spike followed by the giant sell-off,
        it will ween out those who are in for the swing trade.
        Whoever is holding, will hold strong.

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      • I agree, and I think it makes for a bigger pop when it does move up on approval.

      • e.g. vanda pharm-"vnda"....i played when pps dropped to $6 and below.....for the political aspects of helping the blind folks......i knew they had to give it a good vote :) ....quite the pop! i sold all. played a little into pdufa......but it was only after pdufa did pps start to really run!!! this end result is what i expect mnkd to do. i also think it will begin to run after adcom and may get a dip after adcom?.....but i'm not selling any core position after the vote. i think the vote marks the end of all the QUESTIONS . JMHO

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      • hi kevin and mike, i don't think there is any way to play a binary event this time. just hold your core position and think what those shares will be worth in the future. have cash on hand in case there is an opportunity....."problems are opportunities to make money" rest easy :) these big players work off of a "level three" trading costs 6 digits a year to play. these guys see every stop loss, buy, and sells.....and know exactly each day where the pps will be. this back and forth on pennies looks to me like accumulation, but for what purpose? we will know in a few days. can be used to sink for a bear raid or a spike.....but we all know the long run result. :) JMHO

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      • All good points--thanks Kevin!

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