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  • bubbapink13 bubbapink13 Apr 5, 2014 11:27 AM Flag

    What's the difference between MNKD's Afrezza and Pfizer's Exubera?

    First of all, I have some MNKD so I am long the company. But more and more, I am wondering, why would MNKD's Afrezza be better than Pfizer's Exubera from a few years ago? Pfizer discontinued it due to poor sales. What's the difference with MNKD's product?

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    • Here is another idiot starting with the "I'm a long BUT ..." ... douche if you were a long with those issues you wouldn't be a long anymore unless you were a) not a long or b) a #$%$ ... it is obvious you're not a long so get lost ... plenty of articles written on this topic already

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    • L Heinemann is an authority on this issue. Might be worth a read of pubmed 21323811

      Acknowledging being a believer in this route of insulin administration myself, one has to state that Exubera and AIR insulin had not offered profound advantages in terms of pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) properties in comparison with subcutaneously (SC) applied regular human insulin (RHI) and rapid-acting insulin analogues. The time-action profiles of these inhaled insulins were more or less comparable with that of rapid-acting insulin analogues. This is clearly different with TI which exhibits a strong metabolic effect shortly after application and a rapid decline in the metabolic effect thereafter; probably the duration of action is even too short (see postprandial glycaemic excursions with test meals in the publication by Rosenstock et al. in The Lancet (1)).

    • Bump. Many of us are learning here and want to understand the differences. Always nice to get input rather than what is written out there. I had wondered myself when I first started looking at this company.

      I guess it is the difference between night and day! Also, appears Pfizer tried to bring their version to market prematurely. Sometimes, you have to wait until things are just right. I believe that MNKD is much better off by redesigning its applicators even if it meant getting turned down by changing in previous trials.

    • This sounds like a shorter with a mellow introduction!
      You must have taken Zoloft.


    • Two major difference.

      1. Quick onset for Afrezza. This is very crucial to the patients for meal time treatment.
      2. Convenient, Exubra;s size is comparable to a two liter Coke bottle. Afrezza is the size of a car key.

      No wonder why Exubra failed miserably.

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    • It's totally different and that's a must-have question for investors.
      Search "An exhaustive comparison of Exubera and Afrezza", then click the first link on the result list...
      I hope this will help...

    • Route of admin is the same. Otherwise, everything else is different. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if Pfizer is one of the partners, if not the US partner.

    • Again? Let's move on already...

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    • labelleanthony16 Apr 5, 2014 11:37 AM Flag

      If your asking this question let us ask you this, what do Afrezza and Excubera have in common besides being inhaled? Excubera required constant testing, the device was cumbersome and the drug was dangerous, not cost effective and had no probability for success. There is no rational comparison to Excubera.

    • You should read more about afrezza. Take a look at the product as starter

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