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  • matese16 matese16 May 13, 2014 10:22 AM Flag

    maybe the call provided some calm

    It's possible that yesterday's CC has provided enough confidence for some waiting on the sidelines to dip their toes in. If i were on the sidelines right now not having taken a position but watching and following, I would like take a position today following yesterday's CC. Not that any new info came out yesterday - hardly in fact. However, the tone of MNKD was very strong. Enough to motivate me to take a long position if I were waiting.....

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    • Form a simply mathematical point of view, the $20M loan and the fact that the $50M ATM is still untapped reduces the chance of dilution and allows liquidity until and slightly beyond July 15. That's very good news.

    • Added 500 shares, this time is for real!

    • Right on the money. I started a new position today. The CC was very strong. The implications of potential partners having exposure to FDA during this time related to possible labeling, etc., gave the impression that MNKD is in a position of power right now.

      MannKind should be able to ink a very nice partnership agreement that benefits shareholders and really helps get Afrezza to the marketplace quickly.

      I was hoping to enter under $6 and stopped myself from buying in the low $6s. Ended up having to pay around $6.50 when I decided that shorts would have to start covering and PPS would rally over next several weeks.

    • Agree,..MNKD will be goldmine for investor....Join in before it is too late....IMHO

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    • I did like the mention, to Christopher James, that they had "sharing sessions" with major potential partners while working on issues such as labeling and REMS with the FDA. I doubt they would do so unless negotiations with one or more partners were all but signed at this point. Also not one word of possible buyout as an option.

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      • Yeah, at this point after digesting what wasn't said yesterday along with the tone of MNKD I'm buying into the story line that once MNKD gets the nod from FDA they will announce a partnership shortly thereafter. It will be a double stock price event. Might be enough to push us into the double digits. Add to that something that I haven't cared much about until now - MNKD is ready to sell product. Unlike so many other small bio's that get approval but are a year or two from actually selling anything since they have nothing to sell (in terms of available product from a manufacturing position), MNKD is ready to hit the streets guns ablazing. The next 6-12 months have the potential to be very interesting for longs and quite the nightmare if you're holding short. A favorable label or at least a label that doesn't completely torpedo MNKD's ability to sell afrezza combined with at least a fair partnership deal and MNKD will soon become a wall street darling. Everyone may remember exubera but MNKD could put the nails in that conversation with a great afrezza launch. The story line when it comes to exubera will change from disaster for afrezza to "now this is how it's done right". And the stock will follow.......

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    • "However, the tone of MNKD was very strong"

      Many picked up on that. You are so right.

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      • add to the strong tone that MNKD indicated they aren't going to dilute at this time. For me, that was huge. We can all guess that there's probably big money sitting on the sidelines (or, WAS sitting) waiting for the dilution which would have caused a downdraft in the stock price. Then, when the smoke cleared from that event, buy into MNKD. However, MNKD made it clear they are in a position to ride this out until the FDA provides approval on or before July 15th. I believe that's why we're seeing strength in today's price and could possible provide for a nice ride upwards going into july. I try to avoid this type of thinking, however, this particular situation warrants the discussion IMHO. Oh, by the way, I saved a ton of money on my car insurance.......hehe

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